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8.5-inch long range electric scooter designed for city streets

8.5-inch long range electric scooter designed for city streets

With people inscreasing in city, common transportation vehicles are hard to meet more commuter. More and more people are looking for alternative means of transportation, and long range electric scooter becoming people one of commuting choice slowly, because of lighter, portable and less occupied space design. And here is share you a new design long range electric scooter of Shuangye. The post will give you an easy to digest look at this 8.5-inch long range scooter.

The one of the biggest highlight of this new design long range electric scooter is it’s looks. Simple and sleek looks design, which make people feel “as simple as it appearance”. There are two color for you can choose, black and white, and both are the simple dual color design, black gemetrically studded with red or blue and white geometrically studded with blue. Whether this long range electric scooter on the road or parked outside of cafe and work, this electric scooter always offers a pleasant visual experience and bring a color for the city.

In order to riding further, this long range electric scooter adopt 36v 6ah or 36v 8ah highly safe power and long-range lithium battery. Large power supply and efficient acceleration, the electric scooter can take you up to 40-45km on a single charge. And this scooter just need 3-5 hours finish a single charge, which is faster than other. 36v 250w brushless hub motor, and its maximum power can get up to 25km/h – 30km/h top speed. The max speed of this long range electric scooter meet most people commuting and daily traveling needs. This scooter is very suitable for those who work near their house or shopping.

Because this long range electric scooter is design for everyday utility on busy city streets. So it features 8.5-inch honeycomb hole non-inflatable wheel without inner tire and anti puncture even durability, never worry about tire air leaks. So you can riding the scooter on the streets go wherever you want, and don’t care about the fine gravel and tiny glasses pierce the wheel. It is rated for loads of up to 150 kgs, but this long range electric scooter made up of aluminum alloy frame, at just 12.5 kg, which is light enough to carry. The foldable function make you just need three step to finish fold. When you get where you’re going, it’s no sweat to fold and lock it for storage until it’s time to hit the road again.

Next showing the new functionof long range electric scooter, a new display – your phone, through bluetooth connect the electric scooter and your phone app, and then you can know the scooter real-time speed, battery capacity and total riding distance on your phone. It is very convenient. The middle of the handlebar is also show approximately battery power by four LED lights , and also have one turn on/off button. Completing an impressive list of features, for example, dual brake system – disc brake and e-ABS braking system for efficient response braking, a powerful LED headlight bring a bright view when night riding to add riding safety and a red tail lights flash distinctively when braking as a warning to pedestrians and other vehicles on the road, especially at night.

If you want to more information about long range electric scooter or browse more electric scooters and electric bikes, welcome to visit our Official Website!


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