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BAFANG – 8FUN (bafang hub motor)

bafang hub motor BAFANG is a Chinese manufacturer of electric bicycle motors. Bafang is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of motor systems

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bafang hub motor

BAFANG is a Chinese manufacturer of electric bicycle motors. Bafang is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of motor systems, mainly for front wheel hub geared motors for the European market (mainly the Netherlands). In addition to the front bafang hub motors, Bafang also produces a series of rear hub drives, a simple mid-drive motor, and electric bicycle components such as consoles (HMI) and battery packs.


bafang hub motor


Faraday Porteur uses a custom controller similar to that in the Stromer ST2, combined with a 250-watt 8Fun geared hub motor in the front hub. The rider input is recorded by the torque sensor on the bottom bracket of the FAG. Overall, the system can achieve incredibly smooth and responsive riding.

The motor is very quiet and compact when it is geared, and provides a lot of torque for size and weight. Compared with all geared hub motors, compared with direct drive motors, over time, due to the increased complexity of moving gears inside the motor, the possibility of wear is greater.

Bafang launches H700 built-in automatic dual variable speed drive system

In the third quarter of 2021, bafang motor will launch a new H700 built-in automatic dual-speed rear-drive system-a clean, compact and dynamic rear-mounted motor as a core component to contribute to urban commuting.

bafang mid drive

Bafang’s development team has been constantly innovating and striving for perfection in the field of electric drive. Through independent research and development, it has successfully integrated the transmission into the motor-achieving a highly integrated built-in automatic dual-speed bafang mid drive motor. The H700 rear-wheel-drive hub motor not only has the deceleration structure that Bafang has always been good at, but also integrates the automatic dual-speed structure that has been developed through many years of research and development. The motor automatically adjusts the gear position of the gearbox by detecting the speed of the vehicle during riding, so that the rider can get better cadence without manually shifting gears, and fully improves the riding frequency without affecting the power of the motor. Comfort of the line.



At the same time, the compact structure design does not affect the overall volume and shape of the motor. The weight of the H700 motor is kept at 3.2kg. It has a maximum outer diameter of 136mm and a standard rear fork width of 135mm. It can be adapted to standard-size electric bicycles and belts. And chain two transmission methods. In addition, the wiring of the bafang hub motor is the left-side wiring structure, which allows the wiring harness to be hidden inside the frame to better avoid unnecessary scratches. H700 has 250W output power and 32Nm torque that meets legal requirements, which can easily ensure the strong performance of riders in daily commuting and leisure use.

bafang hub motor

HOTEBIKE electric bike 

Bafang equipped the system with a smooth and non-marking outer tube design. The slim 10Ah tube hidden battery and control unit are integrated into the car tube, which makes the structure more stable; the simple one-button instrument is embedded on the car tube, which is simple and easy to operate. Fully release the handlebar space, and at the same time, the Bluetooth function is an optional solution to provide cyclists with a diverse application experience; finally, it is equipped with a high-precision torque sensor independently developed by Bafang, allowing you to commute at work or go out with friends on weekends , Can have an easier and better journey.

bafang hub motor



Installation parameters
Brake: disc brake
Open file size (mm / OLD): 175
Maximum outer diameter (mm) :158.5
Outlet position: shaft side, left side
Outgoing wire length (mm), wiring type 250 G9.5
Variable speed :card base
Spoke specifications: 36H12G



                                                               bangfang hub motor

Number of magnets (pulse/cycle) 6 

Reduction ratio 1:5
Number of motor poles (2P) 20
Testing and certification
Waterproof rating IP 65
Certification ROHS / CE
Anti-corrosion grade (hours) 96


Main specifications

Installation position Rear motor

Wheel diameter (inch) 26/27.5/28

Structure gear drive

Rated voltage (DCV) 48

No-load speed (Rpm) 400

Rated power (W) 750

Load speed (Rpm) 350

Maximum torque 85 N.m

Efficiency (%) ≥ 80

Color black / silver

Weight (kg) 4.1

Noise (dB) <55

Working temperature -20-45℃


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