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Batteries bicycle and non-electric bicycle

Batteries bicycle and non-electric bicycle

Batteries bicycles are becoming increasingly popular forms of two-wheeled electric transportation for both commuting and pleasure riding in our daily life. Now, more and more  electric bikes look like a regular bike. How to distinguish the batteries bike and non batteries bike? This article will tell you some ways to distinguish, and hopefulness useful to you.  

Batteries bicycle (7)One of the biggest difference is whether the bicycle with battery. This is a easy way to distinguish a bike whether a batteries bicycle. Because some electric bike battery you can see it on the electric bike frame. You can see some batteries like rack batteries, bottle batteries and triangle batteries which were installed outside the electric bike frame. But for some batteries bicycle which is used hidden battery, you hard to find the battery on the electric bicycle. You will see that it is same to the regular bike when you first time to see it.

batteries bicycle (4)Motor is another way to distinguish batteries bicycle or non batteries bicycle. Usually, more batteries bicycle will use hub motor in the rear wheel. You can find the electric bike motor on rear wheel and front wheel. When you didn’t found the motor on the wheels of electric bike, might as well find it on the center of the electric bicycle. We call the motor of the center of the electric bicycle is mid-drive motor, which transfer the motor’s power to the rear wheel via the bicycle’s chain drive. But some batteries bicycles were installed double motors.

batteries bicycle (6)Bedside motor and battery, the controller of batteries bicycle also a difference between electric bicycle and non electric bike. Controller is one of essential parts of the electric bike which likes a brain to control the batteries bicycle, and it takes all the inputs from all the other components and determine what should be signaled to them in return. Cause there are many wires connect motor, battery, LCD display, LED headlight, throttle and pedal assist kit with the controller.

So, the controller often installed in a controller box, which you will see a small black box on some batteries bicycles, but sometime you can’t find it when the controller was installed in the electric bike frame with hidden battery. This design ensure a electric bike a elegant appearance, which is more looks like a regular bicycle.

batteries bicycle (5)Moreover, you also can through the electric bike whether with a LCD display to judge it is a batteries bicycle or a non-batteries bicycle. Why do I said that? Usually, you would found that a non-electric bicycle never equipped with a LCD display. When you install a LCD display on the batteries bicycle, it can’t work without the battery. And the LCD display can help users to know the operating condition of the batteries bicycle, a LCD display was installed on the electric bike is necessary.

batteries bicycle (2)Under these ways, you can distinguish the batteries bike or non-batteries bike by electric bike battery, motor, controller and LCD display. This is some way through the components of the batteries bicycle to distinguish.

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