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Best Electric Bike Reviews

More power when you’re on a moped, but maintaining the health factor in situations where you’re still likely to be pedaling for a while, that’s what you get from an e-bike.

Motors in e-bikes are usually powerful, but not as powerful as mopeds. So you can achieve decent speeds, but not too high. When it comes to speed control options, you get two types of e-bikes.

The two types are pedal assist and manual throttle control. In some regions, manual throttles are not allowed on e-bikes.

The type of battery that comes with the bike is another different factor, as are charging times and energy efficiency. A major advantage is that if your e-bike battery is fully discharged during a ride, you can still keep pedaling.

Compared to regular bicycles, e-bikes are heavier due to the inclusion of batteries and motors.

Electric bikes will also cost slightly more than regular bikes. Choose the best e-bike based on the rider’s height and weight, the type of use, and the distance you ride each day. Also, consider the motor power you need and the top speed you need. Here are the top electric bikes for 2022 based on user reviews, features, and pricing ranges.



2000w ebike

It is a complete package with all required components. You will build your electric bike from scratch. You can also choose which batteries to include in the package. Equipped with a powerful 2000W motor with a 21-speed gear option. For higher speeds, choose the 60 battery pack.

The bike has disc brakes and rear shock suspension for a smoother ride. If you plan to buy one outside, you can choose to buy it without the battery. But the battery in the package is a Samsung Battery Li-Ion battery, which has a decent longevity and quality compared to other Li-Ion batteries on the market.

The large ergonomic seat provides the rider with absolute comfort. The frame is stylish and sturdy. On the side of the crank, there are buttons for easy shifting. The bike’s hydraulic braking system provides responsive braking for added safety.

The kit includes a motor kit, front wheel and tires, front fork, frame, crankset, rear suspension, sprocket and brake system, handlebar set and seat. The assembly video provides a detailed demonstration to get your bike up and running in no time.

The frame is made of tough aluminum alloy, and the fork is made of carbon steel. So this bike is stiff. Front and rear brakes are disc type. There is a 21-speed transmission system.

The bike also comes with an LED headlight and a horn. The lithium-ion battery included in the package is removable, and a charger is also included in the kit. When the battery is fully charged, the bike can travel 60 to 80 kilometers.

The design of the bike and every detail is ergonomic to provide the rider with extra comfort and safety. Both wheels are made of double-layer aluminum alloy to ensure a stable ride. The tires offer excellent grip even on wet roads.

The bike’s lightweight frame provides better energy efficiency and better handling. This electric bike offers 3 riding modes – Assisted Riding, Full Electric and Full Manual Riding Modes. So, for starters, here are the best electric bikes of 2022 that offer more features and flexibility in riding options.

This electric bike is designed for female riders.

This is the best value for money of the 3 electric bikes we’re talking about. With a beginner-level 250W motor, you can choose pedal assist mode or throttle mode when riding. A 21-speed gear system lets you hit a top speed of up to 40 mph. Steel alloy frame provides a more stable and sturdy riding experience.

The rear cargo deck, basket, horn and lights are all included in the package. While a bit heavy for a women’s bike, it’s easy to ride.

The 36V battery system also comes with a battery charger. Removable battery system facilitates installation and removal of batteries for easy charging. Once fully charged, if you choose to ride in pedal assist mode, you’ll get an impressive 28 to 38 kilometers of riding until the battery runs out.

This cargo bike comes with a roomy front basket and a decent-sized rack in the rear, making it perfect for everyday city commutes. This sturdy bike can handle a maximum load of up to 250 pounds. The braking system consists of V-brakes at the front and expansion brakes at the rear. These provide good braking response on city roads.

Three riding modes

Each mode brings you different speeds and feelings

SHIMANO 21 Speed Gear with Derailleur

Front and rear mechanical 160 disc brakes provide more reliable all-weather stopping power, which keep you safe from any emergency.

Shimano 21 speed gear increases hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adatability.

Quick Release Battery

A one-piece battery and cover with a built-in handle that can easily be removed and re-installed in the frame with no tools and no hassle. It’s the most convenient way to remove your battery for transport, security, or just easier charging .

Suspension Aluminium Alloy Front Fork

An aluminum alloy durable suspension front fork and 100mm change travel bring each rider a shock absorption riding effect on rugged road. There is a turn on/off switch on the left of fork, it can turn on/off the suspension function depen on their riding needs.

Rear Hub Brushless Motor

This electric bicycle is equipped with a 250w motor to increase propulsion and easily reach a maximum speed of 25-45km/h on flat streets and roads. If you need to ride on hilly roads and rugged trails, you can choose 350w, 500w, and 750w 1000w motors to always provide the rider with enough power to meet your riding needs.

Multifunctional LCD Display

Speed Display, Motor Power Ratio Display, Battery Level Display, Error Indication, Total Kilometers, Single Kilometers, Cruise Control, Single Running Time, Light Signal.Backlit Colorful Screen.

Full color display
With this sleek clear colorful LCD8 Display you can quickly view the data you want at a glance.Optional 5-speed assist levels. You can easily view your averages or the maximum values recorded with a touch of a button. Check the error and the vehicle’s electronic control system and driving safety. Setting your ebike wheel data and your own riding mode.

Kenda Tyres

Kenda 26”*1.95 (optional) high-quality tires, with plenty of tread, more slip-resistant and wear-resistant, suitable for all kinds of terrains and roads. Provides enhanced traction, stability and a smoother ride.

160 Disc Brake

The brake is sensitive and smooth during emergency braking

Sensitive brakes during emergency braking. Able to make stop smoothly. The big brand Tektro guarantees the quality and improves the safety when riding, making you more comfortable in riding.

Durable Crankset

Aluminum alloy crank and pedals

High strength alloy material chain teeth are suitable for cold forged aluminum alloy in various harsh riding environments, enhance crank strength and improve trampling efficiency. They are compatible with Shimano gear blade’s unique alloy material stamping auxiliary gear blade, optimize gear chain speed change and be more efficient

New Rear Lights

Riding lights, flashing brake lights





20’’ x 4.0 inch fat tire Folding ebike is designed for FUN riding.

It comes with a 48V10AH lithium-ion battery pack, a 48v500w/750w quiet brushless motor delivering a smooth ride with a longer range and plenty of power.

Easy multi-function LCD3 control display allows you to control 5 levels of assist for easy cruising or you can override with the thumb throttle option.

You will love the control and the freedom over how you choose to ride.



The electric bike transforms the way we move. Whether commuting to work or going on an afternoon ride, the electric bike is the most economically and environmentally pragmatic way to get you where you want to be.

This 26 inch Urban electric bike is one of the best value for money urban ebike, great from daily commuting to weekend leisure rides.

Equipped quality tires, soft and comfortable saddle, suspension fork , 160 Disc Brakes and Shimano derailleurs are some of the quality branded parts that come standard this e-bikes.



Our latest creation is here and is a monster of a bike that is certain to get you noticed wherever you ride! Do you love the mountains and want more power on the trails? This full suspension model is the perfect entry-level electric mountain bike for anyone who likes to exercise off-road or travel around town in comfort. Its powerful rear wheel motor paired with 48v 13Ah Li-ion battery ensures that your trip doesn’t come to an end on an uphill climb. The 27.5″x1.95“wheels make it maneuverable and smooth running. Powerful disc brakes and Plus tires guarantee sheer limitless fun on the trail.  Traverse any surface including mud, sand and snow! Its full suspension design and powerful rear wheel  motor mean it looks great and can take you almost anywhere.

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