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E Bike Battery in Stock

Electric bikes are the trend today.

Health-conscious people started riding bikes, then electric bikes, that didn’t require you to pedal when the battery was on. These bikes have motors that run on lithium batteries.

When fully charged, these bikes can travel 30-60 km on a single charge.

Different bikes have different ranges, and these ranges mostly depend on the terrain you’re riding on and the weight the bike has to pull. Some bikes with powerful motors offer unimaginable full throttle.
Riding these e-bikes is a lot of fun and won’t cut your budget.
While different manufacturers compete by offering multiple features, it all boils down to one major factor. Electric bike battery. These batteries can be removed when not needed, and can be sold and used like a normal bike.
When you want to get the most out of your e-bike, investing in the right battery makes all the difference. Afterpartz’s Flasche 24V 10.4Ah Electric Bike Battery is one of the best options worth considering.

E Bike Battery Stock | 24V 10.4Ah Li-Ion Battery – Best Features
This cheap e-bike battery has the following features that make it the perfect choice for your bike.

Battery – This battery is made of Lithium Ion battery. The battery used is a genuine Ultramax Samsung 18650. These batteries have a long lifespan because they can stay charged for hours.

Charge Cycles – These Li-Ion batteries can be charged more than other conventional batteries. You can charge this battery about 2000 times before it starts to lose power.

Protection – The battery has 6 different technical protections. The battery has cell balance, over-discharge, over-current protection, over-charge protection, temperature protection and secondary protection. This ensures that the battery is protected from all possible damage and may hinder the performance of the battery.

Warranty – Manufacturers back their claims with a 3 year warranty.

bike battery

Design – The battery is shaped like a cylinder and looks attractive when attached to the bike. It is completely encased and well protected from other natural elements.

Voltage – The battery draws 24V and can deliver up to 15A peak current. The power supplied depends on the controller used.

Charger – The battery comes with an AC charger that can provide 29.4V output and requires 100-240V input. It also has security certificates.

Packaging – The battery is packaged as a whole. The package includes battery, AC charger, anti-theft key guard, battery output connector and bracket.


While a well thought out and well-designed battery, it also has flaws.

Plastic Housing – The battery holder is made of metal and plastic. This won’t give the stand the durability, especially if you’re constantly removing and reinstalling the battery.

Competitive advantages
Here’s why this battery from Afterpartz is a better choice than other similar batteries on the market:

Dimensions – The battery barrier measures only 109mm x 350mm. This makes it the right size to fit on any bike and use it without any impact.

Complete Package – Battery comes with charger and stand. All you have to do is buy this battery, charge it, and it’s ready to go. You don’t have to look for the right charger or the right size stand.

Well-Protected – The technology used in this battery ensures that it is protected from all possible injuries that may be encountered. This ensures a long life of the battery without any failures.

Multiple Charge Cycles – This battery has almost 6 times more charge cycles than normal batteries on the market. This makes it one of the longest lasting batteries.

in conclusion
No matter what e-bike you own or where to buy an e-bike conversion kit. The battery used makes all the difference. Besides e-bike battery price, there are other factors to consider.

A must buy if you have a good quality battery that lasts a long time and can go through multiple charge cycles. If you want your e-bike battery to last a long time, you must follow the instructions and use only the recommended charger. This ensures that the battery is charged with the correct current input and does not trickle.

Get the right battery today and enjoy your e-bike to the fullest.



Battery Charge and discharge of electric bike

1. The principle of battery charging and discharging


The principle of charging and discharging electric bicycle batteries is actually very simple:

1. The process of charging the battery of an electric bicycle: by inputting electrical energy, the lead in the battery fluid is reduced to metallic lead to store electrical energy.

2. The discharge process of the electric bicycle battery: the chemical reaction between metallic lead and electrolyte becomes ionic lead while releasing electric energy.

2. Precautions for charging electric bicycles

1. Never plug the battery of an electric bicycle into the charger for a long time. Even if it is fully charged, the charger will not stop charging the battery.


2. When charging, the battery is hot, leaking, and the battery swells and deforms. At this time, the battery has been overcharged. 75% of the battery damage is due to this reason, everyone should pay attention to it.


3. When the charger is working, the temperature is relatively high. After long-term use, the internal electronic component parameters will drift, resulting in a change in the output voltage charging suspension voltage. At this time, the charger warning light is inaccurate.


4. Charge it without going out and come back, so it’s easy to overcharge. The battery life is calculated based on the number of recharges. Even if the battery is not used up, it will count as one recharge, unless you ride more than 30 kilometers a day.


5. Estimate the remaining power of your battery according to the digital odometer on the car (this time reflects the importance of the odometer). For example, a 12AH battery runs 40 kilometers with full power, and the car has run 30 kilometers. The battery consumption is 12*30/40=9AH. If the charging current of the 12*30/40=9AH charger is 1A, theoretically it takes 9 hours to charge, considering the charging current at the end of the charge. Decrease, the maximum charging time cannot exceed 11 hours.



Characteristics of lithium-ion battery

(1) High energy density

The weight of a lithium-ion battery is half that of a nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride battery with the same capacity, and its volume is 20-30% of nickel-cadmium and 35-50% of nickel-metal hydride.

Lithium-ion battery

shuangye electric bike Lithium-ion battery

(2) High voltage

The working voltage of a single lithium ion battery cell is 3.7V (average value), which is equivalent to three nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries connected in series.


(3) No pollution

Lithium-ion battery do not contain harmful metal substances such as cadmium, lead, and mercury.


(4) Does not contain metal lithium

Lithium-ion battery do not contain lithium metal, so they are not subject to restrictions on the prohibition of carrying lithium batteries on passenger planes in aircraft transportation.


(5) High cycle life

Under normal conditions, the charge-discharge cycle of a lithium-ion battery can exceed 500 times.


(6) No memory effect

The memory effect refers to the phenomenon that the capacity of the nickel-cadmium battery decreases during the charge-discharge cycle. Lithium-ion batteries do not have this effect.


(7) Fast charging

Using a constant current and constant voltage charger with a rated voltage of 4.2V, the lithium-ion battery can be fully charged within 1.5-2.5 hours.

Lithium-ion battery

Lithium ion battery for electric bicycles can be roughly divided into three categories: lithium manganate battery, ternary material battery and lithium iron phosphate battery.



Lithium manganate battery: To solve the high temperature performance of lithium manganate battery, the positive electrode material, battery structure design and electrolyte formula of the battery must be improved. In Japan and South Korea, modified lithium manganese oxide is used. When the modified lithium manganese oxide battery is stored at 65°C for one week, the capacity only drops to 99%.



Ternary material battery: Cobalt, nickel, manganese ternary material is used as a lithium ion battery as the cathode material. It overcomes the shortcomings of poor high-temperature performance of lithium manganate and improves the specific energy of the battery.

Lithium-ion battery


Lithium iron phosphate battery: Since 2002, the United States and Canada have begun to develop iron phosphate lithium ion batteries, which have become a new type of power lithium ion battery with great development prospects. Long life, 2000 cycles of 1C charge and discharge at room temperature.



Advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery: high safety. The phosphate chemical bond has strong binding force and good structural stability; it is environmentally friendly and does not contain any heavy metals; it is non-toxic (SGS certified), no pollution; fast charging speed, high current 5~10C fast charge and discharge of lithium iron phosphate battery ; Good high-current discharge performance; 10~50C high-current high-power discharge.



Disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate battery: low temperature performance is inferior to other cathode materials such as lithium manganate. The cell voltage of a lithium iron phosphate battery is 3.2V. A 36V battery pack requires 12 single cells in series. The life of single lithium iron phosphate battery is currently more than 2000 times, but the life of the battery pack may only be 500 times

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