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Electric bike review

Best sell electric fat bike Dual motor 60v 750w Motor 26 inch frame A7AT26

Best sell electric fat bike Dual motor 60v 750w Motor 750W+750W 26 inch ebike frame A7AT26
Max start power>2000w motor
Max speed 45km/h
Battery 60V18AH-60V20AH

There is something invigorating about riding a bike around town or on country roads. The appeal of ebikes (electronic bicycles) is that you can peddle and get your exercise, and then turn on the motor when you get too tired to peddle anymore. They appeal to the young and old, and is great for someone wanting an eco-friendly form of transportation to work. 

An electric bike can save you a lot of money. You may have to pay a bit more compared to traditional bicycles, but with all the benefits you get, it’s worth it. Beyond the initial purchase, eBikes are also relatively inexpensive to maintain. The cost is less to repair than motorcycles and cars. And no fuel costs, they charge by USB within 8 hours.

What is a Fat Tire Electric Bike?

A fat tire electric bike is an ebike with fat tires meant for riding on all types of terrain like paved roads, dirt roads, snow-covered, and rain-soaked roads. These fat tires are double the size of a normal tire.  Because of this, an electric fat tire bike is excellent for off-road adventures because it grips the road better. Fat tire bikes allow you to ride in deep snow, loose sand, and even mud.

Why “Fat Tires”?

Well, there are a few reasons fat tires are a benefit. Fat tires are twice as thick as regular tires, and they can ride on virtually any type of surface. Because of this, ebikes with fat tires are excellent off-road alternatives because of their robust design.

The larger, wider tires were meant for riding in snow on roadways and other types of road conditions. It improves the handling of the bike in inclement weather. It makes the bike versatile because that means it can be ridden anywhere, regardless of the type of terrain. The larger tires are also a benefit in that they require less maintenance. They’re sturdy and resilient. If you’re not used to writing a bike, the fatter tires will help you balance when riding and boost your confidence. 

Compared to traditional tires, fat tires allow the rider to customize their riding experience by changing the pressure in the tires from 5 psi to 30 psi. This makes the bike more stable and enables a smoother ride. The tires grip the road when it’s wet just as often as it is dry.  Many people don’t realize it is harder to ride a bike on some types of road surfaces. Sand, mud, and snow are a challenge for thinner bike tires, but the fat tires can ride over any surface and handle it just fine. And flat, fat tires don’t happen very often because of the thicker tire material. It is harder to get a flat tire because the tire sidewall is so tall. It is more difficult for the tube to get pinched against the rim, the reason that most flat tires happen. 
Electric Fat Tire Bike Dual 750w Motor A7AT26
electric fat tire bike
The Hotebike A7AT26 fat tire electric bike is equipped with two dual 750w high-power motors and a 60v lithium battery. It can easily handle urban commuting, off-road adventures, and more.  The ebike has two 26-inch fat tires and two riding modes, which make it  fun to ride on the beach, on  mountain trails, through national parks, and on city streets. 


1.Powerful and reliability of 60V 750W*2 brushless motor are fairly bulletproof and low maintenance 
2.60V 18AH removable lithium-ion battery provides power as a power source 
3.26″*4.0 wheels suit commute to work and to school 
4.180 disc brake easy to stop electric bike with little power 
5.Soft and comfortable saddle for long time cycling 
6.150kgs of the max load 
7.Aluminum alloy Lightweight frame suit all age 
8.LCD display know the information of the electric bike 
9.Adjusting the gears with SHIMANO 21 Gears while cycling 
10.Waterproof wire and hidden controller
Best sell electric fat bike Dual motor 60v 750w Motor 26 inch frame A7AT26 - Electric bike review - 2
The battery is easy to remove when it is time to charge it, and it only takes 6 – 8 hours charging time. With dual motors, you can take it anywhere you like and not worry about running out of power. Even with two motors, the noise level is below 60 Db. You get a high efficiency, low noise riding experience anywhere you go.

It is equipped with 180 mm disc brakes for smooth braking, even when riding downhill. It has an LCD Digital Screen that displays Distance, Mileage, Temperature, Battery Capacity, Motor Power etc. You can track all your important information while riding. 
It also could do a good job in rainy conditions thanks to its waterproof cover.  

26*4.0 inch Fat Tires

The electric fat tire bike has two 26 inch 4.0 inch tires with a maximum load of 150 – 200 kg for easy riding on any road surface. The wider tires grip the road to prevent slipping on wet roadways.

Dual 750w Motor>2000w start power

An electronic motor is an important factor for people wanting to ride a bike but may not be used to riding every day. The ebike has a powerful, 750w electric bike kit Front and Rear Hub Motor to provide you more power and faster speeds.  The maximum speed for this motor is 45km. You can ride like a traditional bike, or click the thumb throttle for pedal assist.

electric fat tire bike

electric fat tire bike
Transmission system

Shuangye electric bikes use the SHIMANO transmission system which is designed to provide an optimized E-MTB gear ratio range. Also increased battery life and reduced part wear. Electric-assisted bikes are not that much different from traditional bikes with the Shimano system. 

60v18ah electric bike Battery

How long does the average electric fat tire bike take to charge? The 60v 18ah removable lithium battery takes approximately 6 -8 hours for a full charge. So for convenience, simply plug it in at night before going to bed. It will be fully charged by morning. It has a USB charging port and charges with a 71.4V 3A 100-240V input battery charger. You can travel 60 km – 80 km on a single charge. 

Pros and Cons of eBikes


●Easy to use
●Great for long rides
●Ride more places
●Affordable option for commuting
●Environmentally friendly

electric fat tire bike


●E-bikes cost more
●Battery may not last long enough
●Battery takes 8 hours to charge
●E-bikes are heavier than trad. Bikes
●E-bikes tend to have low resale value

FAQs About Electric Fat Tire Bikes

Do eBikes need special chains?

It will depend on what type of motor your bike has. Mid-drive e-bikes exert more strain on their chains. This requires a stronger chain to handle the stress without breaking. Bikes with a hub motor, like this one, can use a regular bike chain.

Can you put a basket on an electric bike?

Yes, you can have a basket on the front between the handlebars, or on the rear of the bike by adding a bike rack, or both. You can customize an ebike for any type of commuting. You can use baskets, saddlebag-type bags with a rack, or bicycle trailers.

Do you need a special helmet for an ebike?

No, just a regular safety-checked bike helmet will work. Just make sure that it fits snugly and the straps are secure. There are helmets specially-made for eBikes. You can choose one of these, if you prefer. Some riders prefer a motorcycle-style helmet because they look cool. It all depends on what you like.

How can I make my electric bike go further?

Best sell electric fat bike Dual motor 60v 750w Motor 26 inch frame A7AT26 - Electric bike review - 6
When it comes to traveling longer distances, simply bring the battery charger with you and charge it on the go. For example, if you are taking a trip, charge the bike the night before and carry the charger in a backpack to re-charge as needed for the duration of your trip. You can charge the battery anywhere by removing it, and plugging the battery charger into any wall outlet. The battery has a USB port on the bottom for easy charging.

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