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Manufacture of fat tire electric bike

The Electric Bike Report is designed to help consumers find the right electric bike for their needs. We may earn commissions when you purchase products we recommend.

Fat tire e-bikes are a dime a dozen these days, but which one is the best?

From stable and user-friendly bike trail cruisers to high-powered bruisers built for hunting and heavy-duty off-road use, e-bikes with fat tires are on their way for a while now. Whatever your reason for wanting a fat e-bike, the Electric Bike Report staff of experts and cyclists have tested some of the best money money can buy.

The ancestors of the modern fat bike, which originated in the snow of Alaska and the sand of New Mexico, first emerged in the ’90s as a means of exploring (and racing) in terrain that didn’t fit your typical bike tires. Think mud, deep sand and soft snow. Their popularity has peaked in recent years, but it wasn’t until the rise of e-bikes that we saw the masses rolling around on fat tires. Motors make heavy, relatively inefficient bikes easier to ride, and people seem to like big tires because they give you a feeling of confidence and stability—not to mention that many people think they just look cool. Their popularity has exploded, with fat tires being used on nearly every category of e-bike.

So which is the best fat tire electric bike for you? This is a tough question, and the answer varies from person to person. We’ve compiled this list of fat bikes to help you find the best fat bikes for your specific needs. You may notice that this list is made up almost entirely of full-size fat electric bikes, so if you’re looking for a more miniature or folding variant, check out our list of the best folding electric bikes.

Our Best 2 Person Fat Tire Electric Bikes
How We Picked These Bikes
This list is a mix of bikes we’ve tested on our home roads and trails in southwestern Utah, as well as other e-bikes we’ve included on merit alone or because many of our readers rave about them. The bikes we reviewed have been put through rigorous tests designed to chart how they accelerate, brake, handle and climb hills in the real world. We also put them through a series of range tests to answer the all-important question of how far you can ride on a single charge.

To make this list, we evaluated the best fat tire electric bikes based on several key criteria. mainly:

Range: It takes a lot of power to spin such a large tire, so does the bike have a battery to support its tread? There’s a reason fat bikes have exploded in popularity after the advent of electric bikes. In short, they are inefficient and not particularly pleasant to pedal without at least a little help. Bikes listed on this list need to be equipped with durable batteries.
Quality and Affordability: These e-bikes in particular go hand in hand with affordable e-bikes designed to maximize performance without draining your wallet. This is also the category where we see a lot of first-time buyers. So what do you get for your money and is it built to last?
Speed and power: Fat bikes are the beasts of the e-bike world. They usually have some bigger motors in their peers, and all that power raises some important questions: How fast can the bike go, and how does that power feel when riding? Is it delivered in a safe and controlled manner, or does the bike jump from underneath you?
Comfort and Efficiency: Due to their sheer size and tire weight, fat e-bikes run the risk of being uncomfortable or downright difficult to ride. These bikes need to have balanced handling, comfortable yet pedal-friendly geometry, and a motor powerful enough to keep everything rolling.
Usefulness: Do fat tires add something to a bike other than looks? Fat tires can do a lot to a bike, for better or worse. In our opinion, the best fat tire e-bikes need to be more stable, more capable, or more comfortable.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of the best fat tire electric bikes. Such a comprehensive list would be very, very long considering how many of them are there. This list is a compilation of the best bikes we’ve tested, as well as the ones we’ve heard from readers nonstop, but haven’t wavered. Know a bike you think should be on this list? Tell us out loud.
A disruptive newcomer to the fat-tire e-bike world, HOTEBIKE is setting a new high bar for what consumers can expect from an electric fat-tire bike under $2,000.

It’s not only the 750W Bafang rear hub motor or the 720Wh fully integrated battery that makes us so obsessed with this electric fat, but HOTEBIKE has also managed to fill it with little features and extras that you don’t see on many bikes in this category. It has a full-color LCD display, metal fenders, a full Shimano Acera drivetrain, hydraulic brakes, and most importantly, it’s a very nice bike to ride. Handling is sporty, not overly sporty, and while it’s a bit heavy, it handles surprisingly well on light singletrack.

The HOTEBIKE ships as a Class 2 electric bike, but like most bikes on this list, it easily converts to a Class 3, which gives it a top pedal assist speed of 28 mph. We’ve tested this bike and even pitted it head-to-head against some of its biggest competitors, and the results don’t lie: this is a new breed of affordable electric fat bikes.

.In a category of e-bikes that typically focus solely on speed and raw power, the A7AT26 takes a different, more cautious approach. It has a 750W rear hub motor, very similar to what you’ll find on many of the other bikes on this list, but the motor’s power output is much more modest, especially at low speeds.

The idea is to give the bike a very predictable and controllable power delivery, which is friendly for new riders or those who want a bike that’s easy to ride. While the power delivery could be milder, the rear hub motor shouldn’t be underestimated—it’s powerful enough to flatten almost any hill and get around quickly and easily. The bike is also very well spec’d, with a Shimano Altus drivetrain, mechanical Tektro Aries disc brakes, and lights and fenders, it’s a great value buy.

This is the A7AT26. Obviously, the company already knows a thing or two about what constitutes a contender for the best fat tire e-bike. The HOTEBIKE crew has driven hundreds of miles on our test rover and it’s proven reliable, fun and overall feels very refined. The A7AT26 is a Level 2 e-bike with throttle and pedal assist up to 55 mph, but you can change it to a Level 3 setting if you’re looking for higher cruising speeds.

If you want effortless power control on a bike backed by an industry-leading e-bike company, the A7AT26 might be the way to go.

If any bike on this list has gained a cult following, it’s the HOTEBIKE

Beloved for its massive power and class-leading 840Wh battery, the HOTEBIKE is the top of the fat tire e-bike category. While many 750W bikes dampen power at low speeds (like when you start from a stop) and keep going when you accelerate, the HOTEBIKE seems to get you all the 750W out of it. If you’re looking for speed, this bike is fun.

Backing that power is a larger-than-average 840Wh battery that gives this bike a lot of range on a single charge. It also features a Shimano Altus drivetrain, Tektro Aires mechanical brakes, and fenders and a lightweight kit that rivals other bikes in this class. It also comes with a rear rack, which is a nice feature if you want to haul some cargo, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Like most others, this bike ships as a Class 2 electric bike, but can easily be adjusted to a Class 3.


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