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Bike pump: How to choose the bike pump that suits you

Bike pump: How to choose the bike pump that suits you

Bike pump

The bike pump is a familiar equipment for riders. There are many brands, types, and structures of bike pumps on the market. Different consumer groups have different needs for bike pumps. So how should riders choose the bike pump that suits them? 

The selection of the bike pump is divided according to the purpose, roughly clarify two questions first.

1. Determine your model

The relative air pressure requirements of mountain bikes are not particularly high, generally 40psi is sufficient, so the selection range is relatively wide, and it can basically be used. Because road bikes generally require high pressure, it is recommended that even the cheapest finished cars of more than 1,000 should be hit at around 100psi. High-end road bikes and road bikes tires can
generally hit 120psi or more. This is very important. Many novices have overlooked this point. Road bikes must be hit with high pressure, otherwise it will be easier to puncture the tires. To put it in a bit of image, they cannot be pinched until they are hit. Therefore, the requirements for inflators are higher than mountain bikes, and they are easier to hit. Energy saving has become an important factor, and because of the inner tube capacity of general road bikes such as 700X20c and 700x23C, it requires more frequent bike pumping than mountain bikes. For example, in summer, even the outer tires and inner tubes of 700X23c road bikes are basically It is also necessary to fill up air once or twice a week, and because the air-tightness of the French mouth is much better than that of the US mouth, the total gas volume of the general road car tires is not much, but the relative air pressure is relatively high. The French mouth is sharp. If it’s a hand-held portable air bike pump, it’s easy to break the air nozzle when bike pumping up hard—it’s not worth it, because the road bike’s inner tube is expensive, and one scrapped one will lead to an increase in weather costs. This loss is completely okay. It is avoided by choosing the right bike pump. Therefore, we often tell customers that if you want to ride a road bike, it is best to have a good bike pump. Remember that when the mountainous feelings first sold a bike pump 3 years ago, many customers did not understand a 200-yuan bike pump. , But in the second year, they were often sold out, because the real road bike riding activities are basically a bike pump, so the most important thing is to hit the market.

2. Portability

Bike pump

One thing to understand is that large, standing-style bike pumps are easy to use, but they are heavy and inconvenient to carry; small, light bike pumps are easy to carry, but not easy to fight. This is a contradiction. An indispensable choice, small. The air bike pumps are all non-standing style air bike pumps. When you need to bike pump, one hand is fixed at the position of the air nozzle, and the other is to bike pump. Generally, a mountain bike 26X1. A 95 tire needs a small inflator to hit more than 300 times. It is conceivable that it is still more in the end. Tired── Severely exercise your pectoralis major muscles. You need to use both hands very hard. Then imagine that if it is for a road bike, because of the high pressure, the final 80psi or more must be very hard. Remember the previous bike dealer Komatsu taught It’s very difficult for the customer to put the wheel set on the tree or the wall and use all of his energy to do the final bike pumping action above 100 psi, and some small bike pumps are affected by the air
tightness and cannot reach 100 psi at all. In this case, If you are a road bike enthusiast, if your road bike is more than 2,000 yuan, you should choose a well-bike pumped standing style bike pump may be more effective, because the standing style bike pump is a foot on the base of the bike pump, and the bike pump is connected to the bike pump. The part of the mouth is fixed by a fixed caliper, so generally you only need to hold the handle of the inflator in both hands and press it down. It’s much easier.

Bike pump

If you just want to make a reliable spare part during riding, just in case, and you are a mountain bike, and you are more sensitive to price, and also more sensitive to weight, volume and carrying performance, you can consider choosing a light and portable small. Bike pump, generally no more than 100 yuan will be done. If you are riding a road bike, consider a large portable inflator with a standing bike pump with a fixed nozzle section, so that it will not be embarrassing during the riding activities of a road bike. After all, we bring the tools out, if it is not easy to use. Depressed things.

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