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Why do people need to wear helmets on the road?

[Cycling helmet is important]Why do people need to wear helmets on the road?

Cycling helmets is important.The reason for wearing a cycling helmets is very simple and very important. It protects the head and reduces injuries.

Wearing a helmet can make the hit head stop relatively slowly. If a person without a helmet hits the head on the ground, the brain will swell and cause hemorrhage, while the polymerized ball in the helmet can absorb the impact Avoid these unfortunate incidents

Wearing a helmets on a bicycle can prevent 85% of head injuries and greatly reduce the degree of injury and accident mortality. Half-helmet cycling helmets are divided into road-specific (no brim), road-mountain dual-use (with removable brim), etc. The use of similar to baseball or roller skating helmets. Full helmet type riding helmet shape similar to the motorcycle helmet, generally is the speed or climbing car enthusiasts use.

[Usage]: Anti-collision, prevent the tree branches and leaves from hitting, prevent flying rocks from hitting, divert rainwater, breathe, speed up. A helmet with a brim can prevent sun protection, and a reflective logo on the helmet can prevent mistakes when riding at night. [Texture] Helmets generally use foam materials (normal or high-density, the difference between the two lies in their anti-collision effect) Cast, and have [weight] things that press on the head can’t be too heavy. This is also the riding helmet [inner lining] is the part of the helmet that contacts the head. It can improve the wearing comfort at ordinary times. It has a cushioning effect when hit. The well-made helmet has a large inner lining coverage, better texture, and stronger adhesion to the inside of the helmet;

Wearing comfort] mainly because of the weight, lining, lacing and head circumference is appropriate to bring personal feelings, wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider’s head and neck and maximize the protection effect in the event of an impact.



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