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How does a bicycle helmet protect you

    Bicycle helmets are essential and most important safety equipment for riding. According to the BHSI statistical survey in the United States, head injuries account for 70% of the approximately 700 deaths caused by riding each year in the United States. The report of the American Highway Safety Insurance Research shows that people who wear helmets in collision accidents reduce their risk of serious head injuries by 85%. So a qualified and safe helmet can save your life at a critical moment.

    There are many kinds of helmets nowadays, and various products are emerging one after another, and fake and inferior products are also mixed among them. So how do we choose a riding helmet that is safe and reliable for ourselves? This article will analyze the principle, structure, and characteristics of the helmet to give you a clear understanding.

    The main principle of the helmet is to resist part of the impact through the outer shell of relatively hard texture, and to maintain the general shape of the helmet to avoid direct head contact with the ground.

    At the same time, the internal cushioning material absorbs most of the impact energy by being squeezed, deformed or even cracked, so that the rider’s head stops relatively slowly to reduce the impact force reaching the head, thereby protecting the rider’s head from injury .


     It is not difficult to see from the operating principle of the riding helmet that a riding helmet with sufficient safety and protection performance is not “unbreakable”, and even needs to “actively break” in some cases.

    The styles of helmets are ever-changing, but in the final analysis, their structure is roughly composed of a shell, internal cushioning materials, and adjustment and fixing devices.

    Shell: The hard outer shell of the helmet. In the event of an accidental collision, the shell is the first line of defense to protect the head and is used to disperse the impact. The main material is ABS plastic, and the mountain bike helmet will also use glass fiber and carbon fiber materials.

    Internal cushioning material: The foam cushioning material inside the helmet is the second line of defense to protect the head, absorbing most of the impact. Most helmets use a single foam cushioning material, and some helmets use foam materials of different densities for protection. For example, TLD’s Designs A2 uses EPS and EPP foam materials.

     Safety technology: This structure is not available in every helmet. This additional security technology can provide us with more protection. Such as the most common MIPS to prevent concussion, and the internal skeleton to improve the firmness of the helmet to prevent disintegration.

    Inner lining: The inner lining can absorb sweat during riding and improve the fit and comfort of the helmet. At the same time, in some mountain bike full helmets, the inner lining also acts as an adjustment structure, and fits the user’s head through the inner lining of different thicknesses.

    Adjusting mechanism: fine-tuning the dimensions of the helmet by adjusting a specific mechanism to achieve the purpose of fitting the user’s head and making the helmet stable.

   Buckle and hat strap: used to fix the position of the helmet. The hood strap is fixed under the ears on both sides, and the position of the buckle is fixed on the chin. The fixed buckles are mostly plug-in buckle and magnetic buckle. Some mountain bike full helmets use the most stable double D buckle. Next, I will introduce to you the most popular helmet with the highest safety system.

 Road helmet HOTEBIKE
●Size: S/M(54-58cm)
●Weight: 245g / 265g
●Forming: PC+Imported EPS (one-piece molding)
●Number of holes: 10

1. The fashionable and novel streamlined design of the multi-layer shell
2. With comfortable sweat-absorbing inner liner
3. Using imported raw materials for the buckle, Y-shaped split buckle
4. Adopt TS07 U-shaped head lock, stable, fit and comfortable
5. The product has passed the EU EU CE EN1078 certification

     This is a newly launched helmet suitable for cycling and roller skating by Shuangye. We evaluated it for nearly a month after we got the product. The product is generally very good, and the appearance is very acceptable to me. The design of the holes on this helmet is very beautiful and looks very harmonious; but it was not until the weather suddenly cooled that I found the essence of this helmet.
Advantages: European head and tail are comfortable to wear, casual commuting style is harmonious with autumn clothes, daily going out is not violated, and the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation has found a good balance in autumn.

   Buying advice: This helmet is the best choice for autumn areas, and the visual effect is better with long dresses.
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