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Electric bicycle maintenance tips (1)

Electric bicycle maintenance tips (1)

(1)The ebike battery is not charged or undercharged:

1. End of battery life: replace or repair the battery; 

2. The fuse in the fuse in the battery is broken: replace the fuse; 

3. Poor contact between the battery fuse and the fuse holder: adjust the positions of the two to make the contact well, or replace the fuse; 

4. The charger has no output voltage or low output voltage: replace or repair the charger; 

5. Poor contact between the charger and the AC 220V power supply: reconnect the power supply;

6. Abnormal charger indicator light causes false full charge: replace or repair the charger.

(2)The power indicator on the dashboard does not light up but the electric motor runs normally:

1. There is no voltage between the positive and negative leads of the dial: the connector is in poor contact or the lead is open: reconnect or change the wire; 

2. The luminous tube is damaged: replace or repair the luminous tube; 

3. There is an open circuit on the dial circuit board: replace or repair the meter circuit board.

(3)The electric motor stops when it rotates:

1. Insufficient battery power: charge the battery; 

2. Poor contact of battery contacts: adjust the position of the contacts or polish the contacts; 

3. Poor contact between the fuse tube and the fuse seat in the battery box: adjust or replace to make it good;

4. There is dirt in the photosensitive tube of the photosensitive film in the speed control handle: clean or replace the photosensitive film, wipe the photosensitive tube, but the fault still        cannot be eliminated: replace the speed control handle;

5. There is a fault in the controller: replace or repair the controller; 

6. The lead of the speed control handle seems to be broken: replace or repair the lead; 

7. The brake power-off switch fails: adjust or replace the brake power-off switch; 

8. Poor contact after the power lock is ablated: replace or repair the power lock; 

9. Virtual connection of the connector in the line: reconnect it to make it contact well; 

10. Carbon brushes, wires and windings in the motor are welded or connected: repair or replace the motor.

(4)Turn on the power, the controller works normally, turn the handle, the electric motor does not rotate:

1. Check whether the speed control cable of the right hand handle is off, and whether the controller or motor connector is off; 

2. Whether the left and right brakes are powered off.

(5)Hard riding and slow speed

1. Check whether the brakes are locked; 

2. Whether the inner tube pressure is appropriate; 

3. Whether the battery voltage is sufficient; 

4. Whether it exceeds the limit slope or head wind.

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