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Factors in choosing an electric bike

Factors in choosing an electric bike

Electric bike is a common means of transportation in our lives. At
present, there are many electric bicycle brands in China. Many people don’t
know how to choose. In fact, when we choose an electric bike, we not only look
at the appearance, but also consider other aspects. Let’s talk about how to
choose an electric bike.

1. Electric bike parts such as frame.

This is the core, but many people will ignore it. The rigidity of the electric bike body and the solidity of the materials not only involve comfort, but also safety. You can’t see this with your eyes. You have to test the ride with your body. You have tried scenes such as bumpy roads, sudden braking, and sharp turns to feel the rigidity and support of the electric bike. The frame is like the chassis of a electric bike, a electric bike with a loose chassis, no matter how high the configuration, no matter how powerful the power system is, it is doomed to fail.

2. Braking

As the braking device of electric bike, whether the brakes are safe and secure during riding depends on it, especially when the speed is too fast or downhill, and when the road is slippery on rainy days, whether the brakes of electric bicycles are reliable or not is completely related to the rider’s. The safety of life and property, in addition, the quality of the tires that are matched with the brakes also play a decisive role in the safety of outdated electric bicycle riding. The quality of electric bike brakes affects the safety and riding experience of users. At present, the brake types of mainstream electric vehicle products on the market are mainly divided into disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brake is also called disc brake. The disc brake disc pushes the brake caliper through a hydraulic pump to hold the brake disc tightly. The braking principle of hub brake is to pull or push the brake hub in the brake hub so that the shoe blocks on both sides are close to the inner wall of the wheel to achieve the braking effect. From the comparison of the two, the braking effect of disc brakes is generally better than that of drum brakes.

3. Eeectric bike battery capacity

The electric bike battery capacity directly determines the cruising range of the electric bike. If the battery is aging, the capacity drops, or the efficiency of the motor is poor, the transmission is obstructed, and the power consumption is more, the cruising range is also very normal for a shorter run, and 70 miles The smart electric vehicle uses advanced lithium battery technology, which can be fully charged in 7.5 hours, and theoretically can drive continuously for 70km when fully charged. The battery capacity is related to the endurance of electric vehicles. Therefore, try to choose a large-capacity battery, and a brand with a good reputation.

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