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Electric Motorized Bicycle Dragon Battery

Electric Motorized Bicycle Dragon Battery

Most of people choose an electric motorized bicycle with high power, sleek look and fast speed. Simple, convenient, cheap, and economical—electric motorized bicycles are one of the world’s favorite forms of transportation. Faster than walking, cheaper than a taxi, and more fun than the subway. Electric bicycle has became a environmentally friendly transportation in people daily life. A variety of electric motorized bicycle in our company, we want to share your one of fashion design electric motorized bicycle, Shuangye A6AD26, from its motor, battery, LCD display, frame material, working modes and so on.

In the first place, let us talk about the battery which is different from other electric motorized bicycle. There are many type batteries in our company, like hidden batteries, bottle batteries, frog batteries, triangle batteries, dragon batteries and other type batteries. The big part is their out look, and battery shape is matches the frame to form a stylish electric bicycle. And match different power motor, it can install 36V 10AH/13AH or 48V 10AH/13AH according to your need or popular in the market.

Large capacity means that you have long time non-riding journey under E-Bike mode, but combine with Assisted mode and E-bike mode can would be a better choice. Select able pedal assist or press the thumb throttle for hours of enjoyment. Turn off power assist, just cycle as you would on any normal bicycles. It is a good choice for your commuter or daily exercise and relax yourself after working. Enjoy a cozy time.

Next, it time to introduce motor of electric motorized bicycle to you. Some electric bicycles installed hub mid-drive motor and front hub motor, we use common hub motor on this electric motorized bicycle to meet more people needs. The standard motor power is 500W which can provide you 35km/h max speed. If your country legal not allow high power motor, 250W and 350W hub motor is a good choice for you. And you could change other components parameter based on this electric motorized bicycle if we can offer.

After that, handle also a main part on electric motorized bicycle. There are 7 parts on the handle. LCD display is the one of the parts which can show your the bicycle current information while cycling on the road. For example, assistance level, distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, error sign and so on. And control the LCD though electronic system bottom which is one the left of handle. Adjust your speed at any time.

Speed gears and gears shifter are shift electric motorized bicycle speed you want. According to speed gears level, you can press the gears shifter to shift flywheel gear to change speed. We use SHIMANO derailleur make you shift more smooth and easy. Thumb throttle is another choice when you don’t want to pedal. Start the electric motorized bicycle immediately without waiting. But some regions prohibit throttle on electric bicycles. For you have a comfortable and security cycling condition, we use a pair of soft grip and Trktro 160 mechanical disc brake on the bicycle. Stop the bicycle front wheel or rear wheel easily though a pair of brake lever.  

Actually, electric motorized bicycle likes a normal bicycle except the motor, battery and electronic system. We want our bicycles to stay on the road for a lifetime. That is why we make of electric motorized bicycle with high quality components and every weld, stitch, nut and bolt has been meticulously, thoughtfully and painstakingly considered before assembly.

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