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eMTBs: what to expect in next three years

eMTBs: what to expect in next three years

The current trend of eMTBs is emerging, exciting, and encouraging for many users. Presently, almost all brands are looking and working leaps and bounds to integrate the electric bike system, so the chances are that eMTBs might look similar to conventional MTBs.

But one thing is guaranteed. We will definitely witness major developments in the eMTB system and from all manufacturers and suppliers. Things will not remain like they are at present, and all eBike riders can expect major developments and changes in the eMTBs.

The things that are already changing and getting smaller, lighter, much quieter. Similarly, batteries are also becoming smaller, and in the next couple of years, we will surely see more technologies in the eMTBs like Bluetooth and mapping.

As for now, let’s discuss what to expect regarding eMTBs functionality in the next three years and why.

First thing first: Know the concept

The eMTB’s is a combination of motor, suspension, and other parts. At the moment, one can easily find all these elements in the eMTBs. So, in the next future base or concept will remain the same as it is today.

Now what we can expect is that everything and components will get smaller and more compact. This will offer high torque, a bigger battery capacity, and other similar functions and accessories but elegantly integrated into the bikes.

For almost all brands, it is the toughest challenge right now. In the industry, downsizing is a hot topic. The issue is how to go for it without sacrificing the overall performance.

Moreover, decorative accessories and technical features that make eMTBs more adaptable are trending. People are realizing that getting an eMTB is not about the powerful battery of a motor. On the other hand, consumer needs and preferences are also changing for an eMTB.


New batteries and motor concepts

When it comes to the capacity of the battery in an eMTB, higher is not always better. A larger battery is bulky and has more weight. In most cases, this additional weight can cause worse weight distribution. The battery’s weight, the height of the center of gravity, and the distribution of weight directly impact the bike’s handling more than any other thing.The hidden battery frame selling well.shuch as 36V 10AH,36V 13AH,48V 10AH,48V 13AH,motor power 350w,500w,750w.

Similarly, externally mounted batteries are not that suitable for eMTBs as they also compromise handling and usually have a high center of gravity. Thus, we will definitely see changes in improvements in all these things in the future.

The thing to note here is that users prefer extremely light eMTBs and a FAZUA system nowadays. This is because you can ride those without batteries like non-motorized bikes. In the last two years there popularity is increasing drastically, and well-known brands like NOX Cycles and Lapierre are already providing customized solutions. 

Hence, we can expect such changes along with additional exciting improvements for 2022-23.

Smart Integration

In the next few good years, we can see EMTBs with wide bars, dropper posts, adequately positioned charging ports, and robust motors as standard, and all of these will be integrated more neatly into the bike’s design.

As for usability and ergonomics, the developments are continuous. In recent years, we have seen soft and comfortable saddles with neat and tidy cockpits. So, there will be some changes in these components. Similarly, the mess of cables and brake hoses can vanish from the bikes due to the wireless parts and smoother internal routing.

In 2020, not many brands have sensibly integrated the speed sensor into the bike’s frame, as per consumer reports. So we can expect improvements in that as well.

Safety, functionality, or design?

Most brands are critically examining the latest geometrical advancements and design trends. Similarly, safety is also the biggest feature that one cannot ignore. Unluckily, in striving for appealing and purposeful aesthetics, most electric motor bikes often sacrifice handling.

We agree that heavy and wide top tubes look appealing and cool, but they significantly affect the feeling of security, restrict your movements and impact handling. After seeing current changes and developments, we have no doubt that the future is bright for eMTBs, and we will not see any trend that leads to a dead end.



Networking and connectivity

Many reputable and popular manufacturers such as Riese & Müller and Greyp are emphasizing and driving the importance of connected bikes. Both these brands are developing connected motor bikes as they help improve safety, theft security, overall performance, and comfort.

However, not all motor bikes will have these features, at least at the start. But we will see dreams come true if bikes communicate with each other.

If the plan works as the desired eMTBs with networking and connectivity in the near future can be helpful for those facing problems in urban mobility. This vehicle to vehicle communication and networking will also open up countless opportunities to enhance the biking experience with virtual reality.

Personal Preferences

Individuality is the top-most preference of many consumers, and everyone wants their bike to be as individual as they are. And rightly so, in our opinion!

If consumers think that orange and yellow color looks cool, or neon yellow, dark brown, and blue make for a great combination, then what’s the harm in giving them their preferred color combinations?

Many brands and makers are working to meet such user demands. For example, Orbea is providing their exclusive MyO configurator so that you pick various frame details and color combinations without any restrictions. Color combinations and other decorative accessories will have high demand in the next three, and hope for the best!

Apart from the bike’s vital components like brakes, tires, etc. You can also get the right frame size as per your needs, along with the appropriate spring weight in the future. And these adjustments will not take three years; we will see them in late 2021.

We can also expect some advancements in the things that allow you to optimize your bike as per your personal trail performance before purchasing it. However, these things are not finalized yet, but we can see them in the near future.


Ongoing geometry advancements

Many manufactures are using and exploring the modern geometry that they can use for eMTBs. However, till now, we have not seen any major changes except from some brands.

So, we can say that this is the change that is due and we can expect a refresh. Some things that we can see in the next year include slacker headtube designs, steeper seats with tube angles, long reach figures, changes in fork offset, and more space for droppers and tires.

More 29” inches?

Brands may consolidate tire across to organize the production. The point that we want to convey is that 29” has the edge over 27.5″ due to many reasons and public demand. So, we can say that next year 29″ bikes will be more on the market than the 27.5″.

However, it also depends on the current stock of bike tires, tubes, and wheel rims. If companies have piles of 27.5″ accessories, there can be some delay, but after that, 29″ will enter into the market. Similarly, makers may push more 27.5″ eMTBs just to sell something and to avoid potential loss.


New designs and updated models:

This year, we will not see any major changes in the electric bicycle, mainly due to COVID and other economic problems. So, this is a bit of disappointment for riders as there will be no entirely new models for 2021. But we will surely see updates in the next year. However, this year we can see partially updated bikes.

This year, we can witness the updates like full-suspension bikes that allow you to update and modify the front end or rear triangle and the suspension linkage, shocks, and more.

Similarly, we can also see some improvements and upgrades in the rear tire clearance as currently, most brands don’t have reliable clearance. So such brands will improve the same, and they could come up with an updated rear triangle design.

Furthermore, such updates are nothing new, and previously we have seen such updates often from various manufacturers.

Apart from it, minor changes are also stored for 2021 like tire clearance, suspension system and travel, geometrical elements like shock stroke, fork length, and headset cups. All these changes are essential to make riding more exciting and comfortable more than ever before.

In the End:

So, there we are finally at the end of the post. To conclude, we can say that things will become much lighter, better integrated, and more manageable.

Lastly, the future holds thanks to the various technological developments, and due to that, we will see positive changes in the eMTBs in the next three years.

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