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Factors to consider when choosing a bicycle wheel

Factors to consider when choosing a bicycle wheel

bicycle wheel

Bicycle wheel is a very important part of the bicycle system, and its weight, rigidity, drag coefficient and other factors have a great influence on the performance of the bicycle. So what factors need to be considered when choosing a bicycle wheel?

1 weight

bicycle wheel

A: The pure wheel weight is only a static pointer reference, which is of reference value for climbing. Generally better front hub weighs about 80-110gm, rear hub 200-270gm, each steel wire is about 9-12gm, the rim changes a lot, pure carbon fiber is about 210-300gm (narrow frame) 280-420gm (large plate frame) ), aluminum frame 350-500gm, steel wire head, about 0.5g for aluminum and 1gm for copper. It is common for the whole group to weigh between 1100-1800gm.

B: Relative rotating weight (rolling weight): more important. It is clearer to imagine a hammer kick. For a one kilogram hammer, the chain rotates one meter. The force required to turn it is proportional to the weight and the length of the chain. The same is true for wheels, but the weight distribution of wheels is not as simple as a hammer. The steel wire and rim are distributed from the inside to the outside. However, the rim and the tire have the largest proportion, because they are located at the outermost edge and the weight Also the highest. The rotating weight of the hub is almost irrelevant.

2 intensity

bicycle wheel

The strength of the wheel is determined by several factors, the strength of the rim, the number of wires, the tension of the wires, and the strength of the hub. The wider the rim, the stronger the strength and the smaller the number of wires required. The greater the number of rigid wires, the greater the braiding tension and the stronger the strength. The stronger the hub is, the better it is. The better the strength, the better the transmission efficiency.

3 smoothness

bicycle wheel

Mainly lies in the number, size and quality of the hubs. The smoother the bearing, the lower the friction force of the bearing, and the more labor-saving. Many lightweight hubs use titanium flywheel seats, aluminum alloy and even carbon fiber shafts. Some use smaller bearings to reduce weight, or use one or two fewer bearings, but it loses durability and smoothness, which is not ideal. At present, the best smoothness of the bearing is the ceramic ball, because it can be made more round, which is claimed to reduce the power loss of 0.8-1.0 watt at 40km/hr.

4 Brake performance

bicycle wheel

The braking performance of the aluminum frame is better than that of carbon fiber, and the heat dissipation is also better. If you add CNC or ceramic edge-treatment, you don’t have to worry about rain. The carbon fiber wheel frame has poor heat dissipation and requires special brake pads. It is easier to have abnormal noises when braking, which scares passers-by and is more worrying during long downhills. Some carbon fiber wheels will have aluminum sheets glued to the braking surface, which weighs more than 100 grams, and the glued surface is prone to problems under the high temperature of the braking, and the technical level is even higher.

5 Durability

bicycle wheel

Usually the braking surface is flattened, while the carbon fiber is exposed, but this is related to everyone’s braking habits and road conditions. Some of them were killed by Peilin first.

6 convenience

Carbon fiber requires special brake pads, and more tube tires are used, making it more troublesome to change tires.

7 Aerodynamic characteristics

bicycle wheel

The plate wheel is better, and the wider the better, the disc wheel is of course the best. The fewer the number of wires, the flatter the wires, and the better. However, the better the aerodynamic characteristics, there is a price to pay, usually when the wind is upwind, the wind breaks like an arrow; when it is crosswind, the wind is like a wall. In addition, each has its own unique design. Some are theoretical, and some are marketing methods. Consumers should compare them.

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