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Fat tyre electric cruiser bicycles A5AH26F

Motor: 36V/48V 250W/350W/500W brushless hub motor
Battery: 36V/48V 10AH/13AH hidden battery
Max Speed: 35km/h-40km/h
Max Range: 40km-60km per charge
Tyre: 26*4.0 inch fat tire
Gear: 7/9/21/27 speed
Throttle: Thumb Throttle
Pedal assist level: 5 level
Front light: 3W bright front light with USB charging port

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26 Inch Aluminum Alloy Frame Fat Tire Electric Bike

To explore the city and suburbs and handle all road conditions, the 26 inch aluminum alloy frame fat tire electric bike is your best choice.
This e-bike provides an innovative and extraordinary experience for urban explorers and outdoor cycling enthusiasts. The powerful power, stable and safe frame chassis and highly comfortable humanized design make each of your rides an journey of exploration and discovery.

fat tire electric bike

36V 48V 250W/350W/500W/750W Motor

It is equipped with an intelligent battery management system to provide power. The riding range can reach 50-70 kilometers. The transmission system provides various riding modes for you to switch freely according to the actual situation, meeting different riding needs.

fat tire electric bike

26 Inch super wide fat tires

A strong hollow lightweight aluminum alloy frame and a high performance mid-mounted motor, this e-bike has the power to conquer all roads. The super rigid and lightweight aluminum alloy frame and stylish fat tires give it excellent handling. Whether it’s a flat city road or a bumpy mountain trail, it can handle it easily.

fat tire electric bike

5 Levels Pedal Assist

The intelligent electronic control pedal assist system can detect the pedaling force in real time according to your riding conditions and provide corresponding electric power assistance. It monitors the rider’s pedaling frequency and intensity through sensors to help determine the appropriate power output of the motor to reduce riding load, improve riding efficiency and range.

The assist mode offers 5 levels that can be switched at any time according to actual needs:
• High power mode: The motor provides maximum power assistance for climbing steep slopes or long-distance riding.
• Medium power mode: The motor provides moderate power assistance for riding on flat roads or small slopes.
• Low power mode: The motor provides minimum power assistance for slow city street riding or exercise.
You can choose different levels of power assistance according to road conditions and physical strength to keep the riding difficulty at an optimal level, making each trip a perfect combination of exercise and leisure.

fat tire electric bike

fat tire electric bike

fat tire electric bike

The humanized detail design improves the product performance and makes the use process more relaxed and enjoyable. The large LCD display clearly shows information such as power, speed and riding mode. The strong headlight and taillight ensure night riding safety.

fat tire electric bike

fat tire electric bike

In summary, this 26-inch aluminum alloy frame fat tire electric bicycle is the ideal choice for urban residents and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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