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How to choose a bicycle packaging bag

  Shuangye special bag is part of the difference between Shuangye and bicycle travel. The minimalist bag allows you to carry the essential equipment during travel, while emphasizing keeping your bike light and flexible, so it can be handled well on non-pavements.
When you pack your bicycle for travel and load the car, it is completely fine to pack your things into the backpack. If you have shelves and baskets at home, you can also use them. However, after a few trips, you may find the value of using a lighter, more streamlined bicycle packaging bag, especially if you like to ride on narrow monorail trails, because heavy loads may be hung by obstacles live.

How to choose a bicycle packaging bag

1. Start with seat bag, handlebar bag and frame bag: these bags constitute the standard storage system for most bicycle backpackers. You can use some or all of them, depending on where you are going and the amount of equipment you bring.

2. Add other storage options as needed: stem bag, top tube bag, cargo cage and backpack can expand your packaging options (kettle cage is a must for water).

Seat bag

If you only get one bag, you get a seat bag. It is a key device in bicycle packaging and provides a convenient place for storing bulky and light items (such as sleeping bags and fluffy coats). The seat bag is more streamlined than the rack and luggage, which makes it possible to ride on narrow technical routes.
When choosing a seat bag for a bicycle backpack, please consider:
 Capacity: Seat bags are available in a variety of sizes, usually ranging from about 5 liters to 15 liters.
Waterproof: In order to keep your equipment and clothes dry, you need to make the seat bag have a certain degree of waterproofness. Some bags are fully waterproof, while others have waterproof fabric but no seams.
 Sway: If it is not properly secured and packaged, the seat bag may swing from side to side, which you may feel when riding. To minimize this, please check how fast the attachment is on your bike and try to place the heaviest items closest to the seatpost.
Reflective: There are built-in reflective strips to increase safety when riding, and the rear of the bag comes with a tail light, which can let others find you better when riding at night

bicycleHandlebar bag

The handlebar bag is a good place to store clothes in a dry bag or to attach cylindrical items.

There are two main styles of bicycle handlebar bags:
 One-piece bags: These bags usually have built-in hardware to secure the bag to your bike. These bags are usually stylish and easy to install.
 Two-piece seat belt system: They use seat belts connected to the handlebars. Then the seat belt secures a bag made specifically for the system or a single item, such as a tent or sleeping bag. The two-piece system can be more versatile and very suitable for accommodating very large items.
No matter which style you choose, make sure it fits well. Note how much space there is between the front tires and the bottom of the backpack. If space is limited and you are riding a bicycle with suspension forks, the tires may rub against the bag when the front forks are compressed. In addition, if you have a bike with a boom, the left and right space is usually more limited, but some backpacks are specifically designed to match the boom.

bicycleFrame package

The frame bag is designed to fit the triangle formed by the upper tube, seat tube and down tube of the bicycle. In order to keep the bicycle’s center of gravity low, the frame bag is a good place to store heavy objects.
When choosing a frame package for bicycle packaging, please consider:
 Fit: You want to find a frame package that fits your bike. You may be able to find a product made specifically for your bicycle, or there may be some general ones that may work. Pay attention to the location of the straps and how they align with the bicycle cables. A well-fitting backpack is both beautiful and safe, with minimal movement when you pedal.
 Size/Volume: Some frame packs occupy almost the entire triangle, or you can get a frame pack that only partially fills it. Larger backpacks can hold more, but they are generally not suitable for rear suspension, and they may prevent you from installing the bottle cage in a triangle. Choose the size that best suits your bike and provide enough packaging space.
 Storage pockets: Some frame bags have multiple pockets, which make it easier to store and find items.

These are just some of the available storage solutions, Shuangye Company will prepare more styles for customers to be ready for sale! Please contact me if you want more styles! We still have many styles that are not on the shelves