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The functions and advantages of the bicycle top tube bag

The functions and advantages of the bicycle top tube bag

Now more and more electric bicycles or bicycle are used, but there is no place for some small objects, so you need a compact bicycle top tube bag. Take the world in one package! A top tube bag, small but precise, contains the essence, and enters the world leisurely. You don’t need to ride a backpack, carry bag, or bicycle front bag. However, you only need a top tube bag to travel across highways, mountains, and countryside.

Advantages of the bicycle top tube bag

The main competition to keep up with the tube package is the seat-back and rear-end bags, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The upper tube bag is convenient and quick to get items, and it is always in your field of vision, which is superior in safety and convenience. The rear bag side wins in terms of capacity, which can load more items, is larger in size, and can even be loaded with pumps and so on. In
terms of wind resistance, the upper tube package has a certain wind resistance, and of course the streamlined design. The wind resistance of the tail is very small, after all, the riding body has blocked the incoming wind. In affecting the stability of the body, the top tube bag is dominant, and the impact is almost negligible, while the tail bag will slightly shake the bicycle.

Generally speaking, what are the functions of a good top management package?

1. Rainproof and waterproof function

2. There are compartments to store items to avoid scratches

3. The straps stick strongly to avoid shaking

4. Avoid the bag from touching the legs during riding

5. The inner wall is thickened and compounded with fluff to avoid scratches by the hard and sharp items stored in

6. Anti-shock and anti-fall to avoid damage to fragile items such as mobile phones

Pain points used by riders:

For upper tube bags and saddle bags, many people’s demands are compressive recovery, durability, and resistance to damage. There is also paint that does not scratch the car beam.

The use of composite materials as a hard-shell elastic upper tube package is a solution; the other is to use injection molding as the outer shell. The material is PU material, which is rigid and flexible. After considering the elastic cushioning, it can take good care of the items
and use. The life span is greatly extended.The upper tube bag is small but can hold things

What items can the top tube bag contain?

Mobile phones, power banks, licenses, wallets, miniature flashlights, gloves, headscarves, keys, mosquito repellent
vials, etc.

To put it better, the upper tube package must be fully advanced in appearance and function to be worthy of applause! It
needs to be avant-garde in appearance, it needs to match the sport, it needs to be attractive, cool and dazzling. To be professional in function, professional sports must be adapted to professional equipment.

An excellent top tube bag can store all the selected items for a day’s cycling in the bag, so that it will become a reality
to travel the world.

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