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How to choose bicycle pedal

How to choose the pedal

The price of the pedals is determined by the material, craftsmanship, style and function. The rider’s choice of pedals will also depend on their model, price, and economic affordability. It is not important whether they are cast, forged or CNC. Generally, CNC will be lighter, dazzling in shape, and thicker and clumsy in casting, but there is no problem in strength.

Each bike has its own characteristics, so the selection of pedals needs to consider the main functions. The following is an analysis of pedal selection for each model:

A. CROSS COUNTRY (XC for short) cross country mountain bike

bicycle pedal

The biggest appearance features of the car model are:

1, flat handle or Xiaoyan handle;

2, wide tires can cope with broken stones and poor road conditions;

3, most only have front shock absorbers;

4. Short shock absorber stroke.

The consideration points of this type of car are combined with light mountain roads and flat road racing. Therefore, there are certain considerations in the weight of the car, so the selection on the pedal will mainly focus on:

1, light weight (does not need too much tread, can save weight);

2, good anti-slip effect;

3. The pedal must have sufficient rigidity.

Many players will use card pedals due to racing needs. This type of card pedal usually has the function of double-sided locking, and is small in size and light in weight. There are quite a few options in the climbing card-type snap-fit system on the market. The common ones are SHIMANO / CRANKBROTHER / TIME / LOOK, and the rare ones are SPEEDPLAY. The systems are incompatible with each other.

B. FREERIDE (FR for short) multifunctional off-road vehicle

bicycle pedal

C. Extremely Free ride (EFR for short) extreme off-road bike

D. DOWNHILL (DH for short) downhill bicycles

E.DUAL SLALOM (DS for short) Tandem downhill bicycle

F.TRIAL (BT for short) climbing bike

The biggest appearance features are:

1. flat handle or swallow handle;

2. ultra-wide tires, more rim support wires;

3. double shock absorbers;

4. long shock absorber stroke;

5. The unique feature of the rock climbing car is that it has no seat cushion.

Because this type of car will challenge the complex terrain, it needs a larger tread and excellent anti-skid to help the players:

1.large tread;

2.high anti-skid effect requirements;

3.the pedal strength is required to be high.

There is also a choice of stuck pedals, but the tread will be a large tread type plus an engaging mechanism. This type of clamping system is also the same as the previous type.

bicycle pedal

Road bike
The biggest appearance features of this bike model are:

1.bendable or flat handle;

2.Thin tires, shallow tires or even bald tires;

3.lightweight and streamlined design;

4.There is no shock absorber function.

This type of bicycle is mainly speed-oriented. The lighter the weight, the lower the wind resistance, the more popular it will be. The athletes will not get off the bike during the single race, all the way to the end. Therefore, the tread does not need to be too large and the road conditions do not need too high anti-slip effect. However, professional athletes are very taboo against slippery (foot and pedal separation) when the crank is high during racing, so it is necessary to fix the toe The pedals (foot harness) or pedals are used to help riding, and the pedals of road bikes are usually single-sided, which can reduce unnecessary design and reduce weight, and provide a larger tread surface for long-distance races.

Pedal features are:

1.smooth anti-slip teeth;

2.light weight, thin thickness;

3.Non-stick pedal design needs to be equipped with a toe stopper function.

Road bike pedals also have SHIMANO / CRANKBROTHER / TIME / LOOK / SPEEDPLAY and other systems. Among them, the CB / TIME / SPEEDPLAY mountaineering and road bike snap systems are compatible only with different shapes, while other brands are different. We Commonly used road car systems are compatible with the LOOK system, that is, the two systems often referred to as ARC and KEO. In particular, ARC is an old sports car system that has been gradually replaced by KEO.

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