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Cleaning and maintenance of cycling clothes

Why do we wear cycling clothes?

Cycling suits are highly functional professional uniforms, just like swimming in a swimsuit. You will not wear it at any other time except when you are riding. Everyone knows that we wear cycling jerseys or spend expensive prices on cycling jerseys, nothing more than:

1. Benefit our body, including bones and muscles.

2. Reduce wind resistance and increase riding speed.

cycling clothes

Why do cycling clothes need maintenance?

Like other functional uniforms, the jersey has a special fabric. According to the needs of use, there are many types of cycling clothing, and the functional bias is also different. For example, seasonal cycling clothes made of different temperature-control materials according to the season and temperature, such as “endurance” or “supporting” fabric tailoring made according to sports needs.

Putting aside the vertical bias first, all qualified cycling clothes have basic functions such as quick-drying perspiration wicking, ventilation, support, and compression similar to other support or compression underwear.

In addition to fabrics, the factors involved in cycling clothing can play these corresponding functions and roles, as well as cutting, splicing methods, stitching types, and manufacturing processes.

And our daily use process is also a process of wear and tear on the fabric, shape and characteristics of the cycling jersey.

cycling clothes

 1. Cycling clothing has the full power of the fabric, such as breathable and quick-drying, perspiration and antibacterial, and sun protection, which will inevitably be greatly reduced as the fabric is aging or damaged.

2. Cycling jersey fabric has high resilience, that is, compression function, which provides effective support to muscles and enhances recovery. In addition to the effect of the elastic fibers in the fabric, this function also depends on the fit or tightness, whether the tailoring and splicing are appropriate, and so on. Then the aging of the fabric, the elastic fiber wear and fracture caused by improper use, and the deformation will also affect the function of the cycling clothing.

3. Cycling pants padding. In addition to the characteristics of breathable and antibacterial, cycling pants pads also serve as support, protection, and cushioning functions. Many factors affect the function of cycling pants, such as weight, tightness, friction with the seat, high-frequency expansion and contraction, sweat, frequency and time of use, and so on. The cushion will compress during use, and the touch and resilience will gradually decrease as the use time becomes longer.

How to maintain the cycling clothes daily to extend the service life?

1. Real-time processing

The sweat left in the cycling clothes after exercise will cause bacteria to grow and cause corrosion to the fabric if it is not cleaned in time. Therefore, the cleaning cycle of cycling clothes should be “after each use”. If it is too late to clean it in time, at least put it in a ventilated place to dry to prevent the sweat from staying for a long time.

2. Wash and wear

Cycling clothes that are not cleaned in time, sweat and dirt stay in them, which can easily breed bacteria. Especially the “bacterial culture medium” of cycling pants liner.

3. Cleaning method

a. Mild lotion

Use warm water at most. Use a mild cleaning agent, with the fewer additives, the better as the standard. If you don’t sweat a lot, you can even use cleansers without soaking in water and knead gently. Do not use softeners, dye-containing lotions, and enzyme-containing lotions, as they will deform the elastic fiber.

b. Try to wash by hand

Do not wash the riding clothes and pants violently, and try to wash them by hand to prevent damage to the fabric surface and fiber. Do not spin dry after washing. If you must machine wash, you need to close the zipper, and machine wash the reverse side of the bag, preferably a laundry bag with a skeleton.

c. Deodorization

The use of isopropanol and white vinegar can effectively remove odor and antibacterial. Spray 70% isopropyl alcohol on the jersey and wait for it to air dry. Diluted white vinegar can be used to soak the clothes, but it will leave the sour taste of white vinegar.

d. Dry in cool and dry

Cycling clothes are mostly made of quick-drying fabrics, which can be air-dried naturally in a ventilated place, and do not expose them to the sun.

e. Wash separately

Because there is a lot of sweat and dust on the cycling clothes, try to wash them separately. If there are other items such as cycling gloves with self-adhesive, try not to wash them together with the jersey-the self-adhesive may scratch the fabric of the jersey.

Extra attention to cycling pants padding

a. The correct fitting and suitable seat can reduce the stretching deformation of the cycling pants pad and the wear on the seat.

b. Appropriate tightness is very important. On this basis, padding and riding pants can provide effective support, stabilize muscles and relieve lactic acid accumulation.

Wash and dry in time and treat it gently. The pad part is special and needs good air permeability to prevent bacteria from growing. Therefore, the principles of eliminating moisture and reducing friction must be followed. If conditions permit, it is best to prepare more than 2 riding pants for rotation. Reduce the frequency of continuous use and extend the use A way of life.

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