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How to choose car electric bike rack?

How to choose car electric bike rack?

When are you need a car electric bike rack? Maybe you would like to explore other areas further from home that require you to transport your E-bike. Riding around your neighborhood is great, but riding in national and state parks or mountain on trails can be a lot more fun. A car electric bike rack can be a good solution to get you and your E-bike there. Because there are some many detailed electric bike rack lists online, this post talk about the basic things about electric bike rack.

The traditional car bike racks are designed to carry normal bikes that are generally half the weight of an electric bike. So it is hard to carry an electric bike, maybe you need to look for a car electric bike rack to carry your electric bike on your car. If you just have traditional car bike rack, removing the battery from e-bike is a good way to reduce the weight on the rack. But you need to be careful not to store the battery in really hot or cold place because that can damage the battery and service life.

How are we choose a car electric bike rack fit your e-bike? The weight of electric bike and rack is also considration. The total weight allowed in the electric bike rack has to account for the electric bike. The average weight of e-bikes on the market is 25kgs, almost twice the average weight of a standard bike!  Using specifical electric bike rack can make sure your e-bike safety, and choosing a lower rack makes it much easier to get your e-bike on and off the rack. If you and friends want to carry your e-bikes go to other further place to biking, maybe those electric bike rack which can carry a few of e-bikes cna meet your requirement. But you need to decide all of electric bike weight and the max load of rack.

Fat tire electric bike is more and more popular, if you have been looking for a fat tire electric bike rack and found the probelm is the average of a typical electric bike weight around 25 kgs, but a fat tire e-bike weight go up to around 32 kgs or more. Except rack loading weight, whether the rack can accommodate fat tire is importance. Keep in mind you need a trailer hitch to use the car electric bike rack carrier. Most are designed for 2-inch trailer hitch, it also the best hitch bike racks for electric bikes.

There are also a lot of types for electric bike rack, some can carry one or more electric bikes, some the rack folds up when not in use, titls down for easy carg access and includes a keyed alike locking hitch pin and security cable. And some racks can adjustability of the hooks, whether 20 inch e-bike or 29 inch e-bike, these racks fits them.

The price of electric biek rack is different, some good quality rack for money and can be a less expensive, even it is a little less refined than other more expensive racks but good value nonetheless. Some are expensive but there are a lot of convenient functions, like fiting different sizes or types electric bikes.

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