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Why people prefer to motorized fat tire bike?

Why people prefer to motorized fat tire bike?

A motorized fat tire bike is an off-road bicycle with over-sized tires, typically wide 4.0 inch or larger and rims 2.6 inch or wider, designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud.

But how did fat tir bike comme out? Some say the first  fat tire bikes were some of the first mountain bikes with big “balloon tires”, some say the first fat bikes were found in Alaska in the 90s, some say they were invented to gain a competitive edge in ultra-sport races….either way, fat tire bikes are fantastic for off-roading on the beach, in the snow, bogs or mud, allowing you to adventure where your regular thinner tire bikes cannot. In order to biking easier, people try to add motor and battery on fat tire bike, then there is motorized fat tire bike which is also one type of electic bike.

Why people prefer riding motorized fat tire bike in tour, commute, get around and race ranther than other bikes. Tires paly a large role in safety and comfort. Have you ever notice that some bikes are quieter and smoother than other when riding? Allot of that reduced road noise and smoothness actually comes from the bike tire. In fact, the wider and knobby a tire is the more comfort and traxtion it can provide. So fat tire not only have superior grip but safe and lots of comfort.

Powered by environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries, these all-terrain motorized fat tire bike. It is a great choice to tour riding, scoot over trails quietly and you can observe some animals and other wildlife as you ride. Like Shuangye motorized fat tire bikes, they biking on rugged terrain without pedaling and their 26-inch fat tires provides excellent stability and a smooth ride. If you prefer riding tour, the motorized fat tire bike is suitable for you.

Having a ebike with wider knobby tire provides the rider with that sense of safety knowing he/she has plenty of traction on the road. Having that extra bit of tire width and tire height also gives the bike more cushion from the road. Combine suspension front fork and fat tires provide more safety and  shock absorption while biking. No matter of riding on mountain road or rugged terrain, it always give riders comfort.

Although motorized fat tire bike has a lot of benefits because of its fat tire, there are also some drawback to riding a bike with fat tire. First, the wider are tire, the higher are the wheel, so pedaling a e-bike with 26*4.0 inch fat tire is not for everyone. For this phenomenon, Shuangye launch one new design motorized fat tire bike with 20*4.0 inch fat tire. Unlike 26 inch fat tire e-bike, it have not height limitation and for more people. Second, that is the extra weight and drag that comes with it. But motor can provide enough power to push the bike, actually it doesn’t a big problem.

Riding a Fat Tire is a lot of fun if you have never ridden one before. Shuangye now stocks over 4 types of motorized fat tire bike for just about every rider. If you are aslo interested in other e-bikes, visit our Official Website.



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