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How to choose electric womens cruiser bike

How to choose electric womens cruiser bike

Compare with electric mountain bike, maybe electric womens cruiser bike is more suitable for women riding. It will bring you a fondest memories is pedaling a cruiser bike thru the narrow streets of town and out across the road. Equally good days have been spent cycling along the boardwalk on a beach or coast, or biking to coffee and shopping. Actually, electric womens cruiser bike weight is a problem for women who tend to be lighter weight than men and therefore need a lighter bike to maintain a decent bike to body weight ratio. And next we wil talk about how to choose a suitable electric womens cruiser bike by yourself.


The first part we talk about the weight of electric womens cruiser bike. Some electric cruiser bikes are heavy, some are light. Don’t choose too heavy bikes, like fat tire or big size wheel, otherwise this is a problem if you are fairly petite woman. If you are often biking short distances on flat ground with electric womens cruiser bike, the bike weight would not be a problem. If you live in hilly area or need to bike long distance, it is better buying the lightest electric womens cruiser you can offer.


Brakes is important part for you riding safety. Some cruiser bikes use coaster brake, but they can be dangerous when riding down hills and don’t have any modulation. And it only work at rear wheel, so it just stop your bike rear wheel when you backpedaled to stop. Actually, I don’t advise this brake type of bike, unless you are ridng on 100% flat terrain.  Most electric womens cruiser bike use rim brakes or disc brake, to make your bike have engouh braking force to stop. Rim brakes are the cheapest option and work well for most riding, and disc brakes can offer better control especially in hilly or wet conditions. That siad, the cost of disc brake more than rim brake.


How many gears do you need? Many electirc womens cruiser bikes are single speed, meaning they don’t have shifter and just only one gear. This can be convenient as it saves you on maintenance and expense that having a multi-speed drivetrain incurs. If you just biking this bike on flat road or in the city, single speed adapt your daily riding requirements. However, if you plan on biking anywhere with hills, you will more than one gear (or plan on doing some walking).

Riding mode

In fact, each electric womens cruiser bike have three riding mode, but some are two riding modes because of local legal. “E Bike” mode helps you go faster and makes getting up hills easier through thunmb throttle. If you like pedaling, “Pedal Assist” mode offer you 5 assist levels for you. And it also have “Pedaling” mode to option when you electric womens cruiser bike ran out of power.


Depend on electric womens cruiser bike’s components quality, there are have different level price. At this post, I don’t recommend to opt too cheap product, choose an high quality electric womens cruiser bike can last using if you can affordable.

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