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How to Choose the Right Type of E-Bike

It’s pretty cool to have decided to buy your first electric bike. you will love it.


You have a lot of questions, which is understandable. E-bikes are booming right now, and so are the options, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.


Don’t let the new wave of e-bikes take you away because everyone, including you, has an e-bike style for everyone. Traditional non-motorized and e-bikes share the same style and form: off-road, street, folding, hybrid, retro, beach cruiser, fat tires, trikes and utility/cargo bikes.


You can always have more than one because no bike can do it all. Usually one member of the family gets the first one, followed by the second. Cycling is a family and social activity, and e-bikes make cycling possible again for those who might not otherwise be able to ride a traditional bike.


An e-bike can help you perform workouts you might not otherwise be able to. As we all know, because riders can ride farther, they end up with the same benefits as traditional bike riders. No, although some might say, it’s not cheating.


Electric bikes make cycling accessible to everyone. Below is a list of steps to help you decide.

What type do you ride? 

The type of riding you prefer can help you decide which style of bike to consider.

Since there are so many options for e-bikes, with a little research, you can find the one that’s right for you.


Electric mountain bike

(called eMTB), one of the most common types of electric bikes. Off-road and trails require knobby tires for traction, suspension to help absorb bumps and a more upright aggressive stance than the rider

Location of road bikes.


Road bike 

Mainly used on paved streets, road bikes benefit from slick, narrow, high-pressure tires for speed, combined with an aerodynamic rider position where the handlebars drop. Road bikes usually don’t have any suspension. Something to consider is that some e-road bikes use disc brakes, which are standard on e-bikes because the battery and motor add weight compared to non-motorized road bikes that use rim brakes.


Beach cruiser

Beach cruisers and retro styles are also popular, why not? A retro motorcycle look with a motor, what’s not to like? Some people find swept bars, an upright rider position, a large, soft seat, and even a stride frame easier to ride. These styles are great for short commutes, like trips to the park or the grocery store, and they look great.



A hybrid that mixes street and off-road styles, offering the best of both worlds. Their frames offer a more upright rider position like emtb, but ride on narrower tires, which aren’t ideal for mud or off-road conditions. Also, compared to electric mountain bikes, if they had suspension, it would be minimal.



If balance is a concern, the tricycle features a three-wheeled design that provides a stable platform. The tricycle is also a larger and wider platform. You can increase the carrying capacity by adding baskets or even pulling a small trailer.

 electric tricycle

Utility/Cargo Bikes

Utility/Cargo Bikes: Ideal if you want a great deal on a bike for sale. Just like trikes, utility/cargo bikes can be outfitted with baskets, saddlebags and pans, and even coolers and freezers, making them a versatile vendor booth.


Fat tire bike

Fat Bikes: Snow and sand and the need to float on these surfaces led to the development of fat bikes. Fat tire versions are available in a variety of styles of bikes. However, fat tires do have advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is greater rolling resistance compared to traditional two-inch half-width tires. One benefit is that they are bulky, and the fat tires act as a cushion to help with a smooth ride. Fat tire bikes are popular and can also be found on non-motorized bikes, although wider tires have more rolling resistance than conventional tires.


Foldable bicycle

Folding bikes are great if you plan to travel by bike, or if you use your bike to commute and don’t have a lot of room to store it. They are easier to pack than non-folding bikes, take up less space in the vehicle, and can be easily stored indoors. The main disadvantage of folding bikes is that they are mostly one style and not as versatile as traditional bikes. Folding bikes have smaller wheels and smaller frames because they’re made to pack. They have in-wheel motors; in-wheel motors take up less space as part of the wheel.


How much will you ride and what is your fitness level?

This may be an unknown right now, but it’s something to consider.

Bikes built with higher-grade components last longer before needing replacement parts or upgrades.


Pay more upfront

Give a greater return on investment with less maintenance. Better bikes keep their resell value if you decide to upgrade down the road. Higher quality bikes also have lighter and stronger frames and are built with components which are stronger and will last longer. Yes , they cost more initially, but in exchange, you will get smoother shifting, quicker stops, more adjustability, and overall longer life for the bike.


Cyclist in Mountains

If you are already a cyclist and have been off the bike for a while, then you may want a little help up the hills. Riding bikes is fun and it can also be an intense workout. Having a motor, even a small one, can help reduce the pain of getting your legs back. One great feature of e-bikes it that you do not have to use the motor all the time.


You can choose the level of help you get with what is called pedal assist. Pedal-assist has multiple levels from zero (no assist) to maximum assist. One way to utilize this is to ride as far as possible without using the motor, then use assistance for the last leg home. You get to decide how much and when to use it.

Cyclist in Mountains

It is important to know your budget before you begin your search. An e-bike is a big purchase. Prices have a wide range and can vary from as little as five hundred dollars up to over twelve thousand dollars.


Like most recreational vehicles, an e-bike will continue to require upkeep and maintenance depending on use. Also consider the cost of any accessories you may need, such as a helmet or other safety gear. Set a budget and stick to it for your first purchase. You can always resell and upgrade later.

bike motorcycle

How much experience do you have?

This can be an issue because with little or no experience with bikes you will have no prior knowledge to draw on and might not even know where to start.


This lack of experience can lead to an impulse buy and you can end up paying for something you do not want or will not use. Another problem with no experience is you can end up spending too little and get a bike not capable of meeting the demands you will put on it.


Spend too much and you run the risk of buying more bike than you can use. Not everyone needs a carbon fiber frame, one thousand watts of power, full suspension with downhill long travel or four-piston disc brakes. That being said, the one part of any bike to not go cheap on is the frame. By investing in a quality frame, you will have the foundation to build on if you like how the bike fits and feels.

Where to buy and what are the advantages or disadvantages?

Online: The advantages are choice, delivery to your door, and lower prices. The disadvantages are you do not know who you are doing business with and it takes a lot of research to vet the supplier. Shipping rates can be exceedingly high and the wait can drag into weeks or even months.

Local bike shop: This is your best choice if you are new to bikes. Your local bike shop can fit you to the right size of bike. They can also let you test several styles and brands they carry as well as answer any questions you will have. They will also be able to set you up with accessories like a helmet, gloves, tools, lights, and bags.


Private party: If you know your bikes and are comfortable with buying used, a private seller could be for you. Unless they are selling a new bike still under warranty, buying from a private seller usually means as is.The upside is that great deals are out there, for an assortment of reasons. Sometimes a minor spill is all it takes for a newbie to have a change of heart and sell. Or it might be a perfectly great bike for you, but it simply did not fit the previous owner.


Buy or build?

Why build when there are so many choices to buy?


Building appeals to a different type. If you already have a great bike, or a spare bike, adding a motor and battery can make it better.


Considering the cost of high-end bikes, an ebike conversion is a workable option for many riders. Converting can also be a do-it-yourself project well within the abilities of someone who performs their own maintenance and you get to choose your own parts or kit.


A kit is the easiest method for conversion, as all the pieces are selected to work with each other and there are multiple options such as displays, throttles, input sensors and, of course, batteries and chargers. Not to mention the variety of sizes in watts for the motor.


Choose the motor style and size.

Mid motor or hub motor?

Mid motor is the most popular for riders wanting the most power and the familiarity of a motorcycle design.


One advantage of the mid motor is the weight is centered in the middle of the frame which balances the bike. Another advantage is the power is being transmitted through the bikes drive system, which allows you to pick the best gear for the terrain.


If you are looking for a new way of commuting or want a healthier lifestyle, we are here to help you. Visit our website to learn more about electric bikes and electric scooter or please leave information to us.