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How to know which is long range electric bike?

How to know which is long range electric bike?

If your customers always consider the maximum travel distance they could go on a sigle charge, so mileage might even be the deciding factor for your customer to purchase. How to know which e-bike is long range electric bike. How long they can ride electric bike on a single charge, unless they don’t mind manually pedaling home because the battery drained before the journey ended. But travel distance isn’t easy to calculate, so every ebike will have testing or evaluation ranges, but it might not be wholly accurate. It’s rather that e-bike testing is usually done in more controlled conditions — level pavement free from obstructions, nice weather, etc.

long range electric bike

Actually, not every electric bike cyclists consider riding distance of e-bike. Generally speaking, the travel distance of an long range electric bike is most determined by the size and power of the electric battery and motor.

But there are factors determine the range of an e bike, including: weight of the rider, terrain (flat road versus hills), amount of stuffs that you carry, wind conditions, chosen level of assistance, capacity of battery, power of motor and so on. If an e-bike travel range is an important factor, you should understand how level of pedal assistance and battery capacity impact the range you can travel on a single battery charge.

long range electric bike

Level of Pedal Assistance

The long range electric bike common be divided into pedal assist mode and throttle assist mode.

Pedal assist mode is powered when crank the pedals. So you can use a pedelec as a traditional bicycle without power, or have the bike provide power to the pedals. Electric bike motor work when the system reads the rate you are pedaling. The faster you pedal, the faster the motor spins. The greater the force, the more power the motor provides. An ebike with a torque system is much easier to ride up hills because you get power when you need it most, even though your rate of pedaling is lower than if you were on flat ground. Generally, there are 3 or 5 level of pedal assistance on long range electric bike. For example, Shuangye electric bike have 6 levels of pedal assistance, among from 0 to 5 level could be chose any level.

long range electric bike

Throttle assist mode means that long range electric bike propels forward when the biker presses a button, pushes a lever (the throttle), or twists the handlebar. The throttle is typically mounted on the handlebar of the ebike and is connected to the electric drive system that controls the speed of the ebike. The harder the rider presses the throttle, the faster the ebike goes. Shuagnye ebike use thumb throttle, which is more convenient for biker use.

In general, a pedal assist ebike has a longer range than a throttle assist ebike.

long range electric bike

Capacity of battery

Battery provide power to the motor, which makes the wheels turn. Most of long range electric bike would choose lithium battery as power supply, which is the the most prevalent battery on the market today. And it is the most suitable type of battery to help the long distance you can travel on a single charge. The higher the density, the more energy of the battery can store, the further you can ride the e-bike. Compared with other battery types, lithium-ion battery has greater energy density.

long range electric bike

How to know which battery capacity could make the e bike go further. In fact, higher voltage and Amp-hrs means that the total charge stored higher in the battery.  

The next variable to consider is the battery capacity. Battery capacity calculated as Watt-hrs, which is a measure of the total charge stored in the battery. 36 volt and 48 volt battery is common in the market,  there are also 60 volt battery to meet your customer need in Shuangye electric bike. But there are also a lot of battery capacity for 48 volt battery to choose, like 10ah-30ah for different power and kinds electric bike.

These just two important factors to impact electric bike long range riding. If you want to know more about long range electric bike, you could browse previous articles or visit our Official Website, also could leave your message below.



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