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How to Keep an Electric Bike’s Battery Healthy

How to Keep an Electric Bike’s Battery Healthy

Electric bike’s battery is one of important part of an e-bike, it can decide how long does an e-bike can go. Even if some electric bike’s battery was replaced easily, like Shuangye electric bike adapt removable battery design, but now most e bike battery still replace hardly. And the cost of replace an e bike battery is not cheap. How to keep your electric bike’s battery healthy is a necessary thing. Next there are some tips to prolong its life.

electric bike's battery

  • When not in use, store your e-bike in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving your e bike in the direct sunlight to influence the performance of e-bike’s battery.
  • If not in use for a long time, before store the e-bike, make sure that the electric bike’s battery still has some charge in it. Ideally, the battery should be charged between 40% and 80%. Avoid the behavior that ran out of power thorough and charge battery fully to reduce the damage to battery.

electric bike's battery

  • In winter, if you need to store your e-bike in a cold location, like the outside of house or in garage. This pay attention to warm up the electric bike’s battery before to charge it. Some electric bike’s battery with removable function, it is so convenience to remove battery and store in home. So you can charge it directly.
  • Studies show that regular and full discharge of a battery is harmful to the battery. Reduce the times of let the charge of the battery reach 0%. Don’t wait to charge until the power is ran out, keep the habit of charging regularly.

electric bike's battery

  • Only use the charger that supply with the electric bike; alternatively, if you need one more charger as a backup, get it from the original manufacturer. It can reduce unnecessary trouble. Overcharge also is a aspect to damage electric bike’s battery. Now most manufacturer provide a smart charger that already to set the charger to charge the battery up to 90% or 100%.

These precautions tell you how to keep an electric bike’s battery healthy. If you do them, maybe an e-bike’s battery should last between 3 or 4 years. Actually, buying an electric bike with a removable battery design can longer life for an e-bike.

electric bike's battery

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