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How to prevent knee injuries during electric bike riding

How to prevent knee injuries during electric bike riding

Electric bike riding is a great sport, and even many electric bike riding enthusiasts regard riding as part of their lives. Every weekend, I go to the outer suburbs to enjoy cycling with my riding friends or family members. But day after day, uninterrupted cycling may bring you a symptom similar to an occupational disease as you age, such as knee strain. Knee joint strain is a common sports injury for cycling enthusiasts, which is mainly caused by long-term endless riding. The knee joint is repeatedly flexed, extended and twisted endlessly, and the joint surface is constantly hit and rubbed for a long time. Will form abrasive damage. What’s more, it will lead to “patella malacia”.

Patella malacia is a common disease of the knee joint, which occurs in young adults and is especially common among athletes and electric bike riding enthusiasts. The main pathological changes are the degenerative changes of cartilage, including cartilage swelling, fragmentation, and shedding. Finally, the corresponding part of the femoral condyle also has the same pathology.

So much has been introduced above, how should cycling enthusiasts face these problems? From the perspective of prevention, the editor gives some small suggestions to cycling enthusiasts. In the future, cyclists can pay more attention and precautions during riding an electric bicycle.

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1. Choose the right bike size according to your height, and try your best to fit it. The wrong foot extension angle during pedaling will double the pressure on your knees. To put it simply, the seat should not be too high or too low. It is most suitable for the legs to bend slightly and straighten out when the pedal is stepped on to the bottom.The first time riding an electric moutain bike,you need to be more carefully.

2. Choose your own bike riding posture and don’t blindly learn from professional riders. Their overly aggressive riding posture is not suitable for everyone and may cause various fatigue injuries to our ordinary people’s bodies.

3. Be sure to warm up before intense riding. As you get older, it may take up to 30 minutes to warm up. Riding vigorously without any warm-up exercise can cause great damage to the knee.

electric bike riding

4. Cadence, try to keep a cadence of 80 or higher. Xiaofei is the enemy of the knee.

5. Don’t challenge yourself too often. The amount of training increases too fast, allowing the body to cope with high-intensity and frequency training without adequate adaptation, which has a great impact on the joint synovium, joint lubricating fluid, and calcium circulation system.

6. Pay attention to muscle exercise at ordinary times, stronger muscle support can effectively protect the health of the knee joints. You can use static squats, squats and other methods to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint.

Riders should pay more attention to the above points in daily riding and protect their knees, so that their riding life can continue to grow, and at the same time, they can enjoy the fun of riding more happily.

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