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How to ride an electric bike: the things you need to be noticed

How to ride an electric bike: the things you need to be noticed

Life is like riding a bicycle,but there are many things to be aware of when considering how to ride an electric bike. Here are some important tips to ensure you stay safe and have fun when riding an electric bike for the first time.

Riding a bicycle is fun. Riding an electric bike is also fun. However, despite their obvious similarities, due to the characteristics of pedal assist and of course an electric motor, riding an electric bicycle can provide a slightly different experience from an ordinary bicycle. Therefore, you may want to know how to ride an electric bike.

Cycling, whether electric or not, is good for your health and the health of the planet. Few things in this world can be both interesting and influential in such a dramatic way.

In the United States, less than 1% of trips are made by bicycle. According to a recent paper by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, even changing this number to a modest 6% would be a victory. It is estimated that in 6% of travels, cardiovascular disease cases will decrease by 28,000 cases per year, and diabetes cases will decrease by 22,000 cases. The same paper claims that if the proportion of bicycle trips in the US metropolis reaches 15%, it means that the number of deaths per year will be reduced by 40,000.

These numbers are huge, and they don’t even involve climate issues. If bicycle travel replaces car travel, the benefits are equally huge. Just make interesting choices and you can be part of this change, and the huge improvements made to the best electric bikes in recent years mean that choosing to replace car travel is easier than ever.

Electric bicycles are bicycles, but they do have some differences. This is a big purchase, but also a brand new experience. It’s worth making this choice, but you want to stay safe while having fun, staying healthy, and saving the planet. Read on for some tips on how to ride an electric bike.

Start slow

Because of the speed involved, riding an electric bike is a different experience. Not everyone who regularly rides a bicycle spends time riding at the speed that an electric bicycle can reach. This is especially true in the United States, where Class III bicycles can reach speeds of 26 mph, but this is also true at speeds lower than you expect. Even if you ride at a speed that feels comfortable to you, it is one thing to work hard and move fast, but letting the motor pull you to accelerate quickly and you only need to do very little work is a very different feeling.

Different types of bicycles have different solutions to provide power. Read about what to expect first. Some electric bicycles feel a lot like regular bicycles. Torque-based sensors tend to provide this more natural feel. If this is the kind of bike you own, it is still a good idea to start with a low level of assistance, so you can expect an experience that is not much different from what you know.

If you have a rhythm-based system, it is important to be more careful. Some rhythm-based assistance systems will pull you up to speed as soon as you start turning the pedals. In terms of physical strength, this is the easiest to ride, but the most need to adapt. On flat ground, a low assist level may mean about 12mph/20kph, and you will reach that speed very quickly.

It is a good idea to start with a flat, open area. Electric bicycles are heavier, and because of their weight, it is more difficult to switch gears without riding. If possible, pick up the rear of the bike and turn the pedals several times while changing to a simple gear. Start without help at all. Let the bike move and turn on the assist device when you feel stable and comfortable. This process will help you feel in control at the beginning of the assistance.

However, due to the weight of an electric bicycle, it may not be possible to shift gears and start riding without electric assistance. If you need electric assistance to start, please continue to use it. Pay attention to the direction of the bicycle. Make sure it is clear and you will be able to focus on riding. Make sure that the electric power assist is at the lowest setting and you know where the brakes are. Also, make sure you know which is the front brake and the rear brake.


Know your brakes

Compared with non-electric bicycles, electric bicycles are heavy. This weight combined with higher speed makes braking a truly focused matter. You want to make sure you understand the brake feel on the bicycle and which brake lever does. The first thing to know about a new electric bike is what kind of brakes you have. It’s actually a good thing to look for it when shopping, but definitely look at it once you have a bike. The mechanical disc brake stops by pulling the cable closed by the caliper. There is a physical connection between the brake levers, the harder you pull, the stronger the braking force. If you have a hydraulic disc brake, the only connection between the lever and the caliper is fluid.

Once you understand the brakes, you can check the settings. With the bicycle stationary, pull the brake lever. The lever should engage the caliper before reaching the handlebar. When you want to slow down a bit, does the engagement happen in a place that leaves room for touch? If you need to stop in a hurry, is it comfortable to pull hard? If it doesn’t feel right, open the manual and see how to adjust it, or take it to your local bike store.

The next thing to check is which lever is used for the front wheels and which is used for the rear wheels. You never want to use only the front joystick, the strongest braking will come from using both brakes at the same time. If the braking is not so aggressive, you can just use the rear brake, but make sure you know which lever controls which brake.

After you start riding, you will want to hear the friction between the brake pads and the disc rotor. If there is friction, you may need to adjust the distance between the brake pads and the rotor, or the alignment of the calipers. The brake rotor may also bend during transportation. To check if the rotor is bent, rotate the wheel while focusing on a point on the brake rotor. If it shakes, it needs to be straightened or replaced.


Read more about how to adjust bicycle disc brakes

In addition to understanding your brakes and ensuring the complexity of their work, there are some details of electric bicycles that need to be considered. A heavy-duty bicycle runs faster and takes longer to slow down. Make sure that when you consider stopping the electric bicycle Additional time that may be required. For your safety, it is a good idea to spend some time practicing before entering traffic.

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