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The benefits of cycling dress you need to know

The benefits of cycling dress you need to know

cycling dress

Basically, everyone has reached a consensus on riding a bicycle with a helmet, but not many people care about whether to wear a cycling dress on a bicycle.

There are many reasons not to ride, most of which are as follows:

1. I just ride occasionally, not a professional rider, there is no need to wear cycling dress;

2. It is too embarrassing to wear tight-fitting cycling dress, and I always feel uncomfortable;

3. It is not convenient to commute by bike or wear cycling dress for fun;

4. Fear of being said to be coercion.

cycling dress

Of course, more riders will still wear cycling jerseys, because cycling jerseys are really practical and easy to use. In addition to the functions of covering and keeping warm, cycling dress also have special functions, such as reducing wind resistance, wicking perspiration,
ventilation, easy washing, and quick drying.

Reduce wind resistance

Generally speaking, cycling clothing is close-fitting, which can effectively avoid the situation of driving. Cycling dress can help riders effectively reduce wind resistance during riding.

Perspiration and breathable

The fabrics of cycling dress are mostly special fabrics, which can transport the sweat on the body surface to the surface of the dress through clothing fibers, and quickly evaporate at the same time as riding, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient perspiration and dry
riding, so that you will not be covered with sweat when riding. , This is not what ordinary clothing can achieve.

cycling dress

Practical design

The design of cycling dress is also more suitable for riding. For example, the sleeves are usually a little longer, so that the length of the sleeves will be just right when riding. Everyone should have this experience, that is, the back will be exposed when wearing normal dress and riding a bicycle. If the pants are low-waisted, half of the ass may be exposed. The back of the jersey is generally designed to be lengthened, which perfectly solves this problem, and there are also some pockets designed to hold some small things is very convenient and practical.

cycling dress

Improve riding safety

Wearing cycling dress also improves safety a lot, mainly in two aspects. One is that the colors of cycling dress are generally designed to be brighter, and some are also designed to be reflective, which can make you more conspicuous, make it easier for others to find you, and greatly increase safety. The other is that wearing cycling dress will not affect cycling. If you wear loose dress, it is likely to cause interference to cycling. Of course, cycling dress can also play a protective role in the event of a crash.

Team logo

Cycling dress are often a symbol of a team. Wearing uniforms will give you a sense of honor and belonging.


Wearing cycling dress can indeed play a very good role in pretending to be a very handsome character. It also looks very professional and powerful.

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