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Ebike Weight: Is An Electric Assist Bike Heavy?

Ebike Weight: Is An Electric Assist Bike Heavy?

We all are aware of the wonders of electric assist bike, how beautifully these ebikes are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the user – be it a kid, a sports enthusiast, a senior rider, a city rider or simply a bicycle lover. Similar with traditional bikes, there are also a lot of types for different people, eachone could find the best suitable electric bike.

electric assist bike

Is an electric assist bike heavy? Yes, e-bikes are a bit heavier than conventional bicycles because of electric motor and battery, but are considerably lighter than the motorbikes, and easier control to use. A typical non-electric bike may weight 12-13 kg, and an electric version of a similar model may weight 20-25 kg, which is lifted it up easily for adult male. Electric assist bike are feature with a motor and a lithium battery, which reduces human efforts tremendously. Next let’s look and know different types of e bikes weight into perspective.

electric assist bike

Mountain electric assist bike

Mountains have always fascinated people. Reaching zenith of the mountain gives an immense feeling of accomplishment. Not only climbing keeps us the physical health and fitness benefits, but our patience, persistence and fills heart and soul with relaxable are also beyond description. Mountain electric assist bike offer great help to anyone who wants to ride uphill. They can easily take us to the roads less traveled. Moreover, as the effort required pedaling the e-bike can be varied according to comfort, people with weight issues can also enjoy riding uphill (and not to forget the thrill in coming downhill).

electric assist bike

The make ups of these electirc bikes depend a lot on the terrain of the area. So electric bike suspension system plays a very vital role. Actually, most of e-bikes use suspension front fork, and some model use suspension at both front and rear end make cycling a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. These full suspension e-MTBs riding very smooth and less exerting on muscles and joints.

The 26-inch wheel size is common on the market for years, but nowadays 29-inch wheels are becoming common. Bigger wheels are slower to accelerate but offer more momentum. They can easily roll over small objects coming in their way. E-MTBs with 27.5-inch and 29-inch wheel size are best suited for riders with taller body frame. And most mountain electric assist bikes weight about 21kg-24kg. Maybe someone would like fat tire e-bikes, which is weighter than most ebikes more 5kg -15kg.

electric assist bike

City electric assist bike

City electric bike is a good transportation, which have been a boon for people having to take up for break journeys for commuting from point A to point B. Not only these e bikes reduce the pollution level. They are also a great source of some sort of physical activity for people, who find it difficult to follow a strict activity routine for them. City e-bikes with two ride mode(pure E-bike mode and pedal assistance mode) are designed for the urban commuters that allow them to travel even the farthest place with much ease and without sweating. They are also suitable for delivery services in city with speed in an effortless fashion.

City electric assist bikes are specifically designed with no added weights. In order to make these ebikes lightweight to suit everyone, even the batteries are often integrated inside the frame. Some batteries can support remove, like Shuangye A5AH26. Usually, city electric bikes weight nearly 20kg – 23kg. If you want more portable and more convenient, folding electric assist bike must be you the best choice, which is only weight 18kg-21kg.

electric assist bike

Electric assist bike is just like the conventional day to day bike with a few add-ons. The add-ons include a battery, motor, display panel, and some wiring. These components make e-bike heavy, but when you open motor to work, make you feel it light like normal bike when riding. 

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