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What kind of electric fat tire bike should I choose?

What kind of electric fat tire bike should I choose?

Recently, electric bikes are more and more popular, and the purchase data is increasing now. But there are many choice about electric bicycle, electric fat tire bike is one of hot sale types. If you want to buy an electric fat tire bike, what kind of fat e-bike should I choose? Next this post will tell you.

If you’re looking for an electric fat tire bike, but use it to commute on, the two main choices are between folding and hybrid electric bikes. Folding fat tire e bikes save on space at home and are generally convenient than hybrid electric bikes, but sacrifice some range, so are generally only suitable for shorter commutes if you don’t want to charge them every day. Meanwhile, folding fat e bike usually use 20-inch tire, and smaller wheels can make tougher work of the rougher roads and potholes street and road. There are two wheel size hybrid electric bikes, one is 20-inch tire, another is 26-inch tire. If you can find the big place to park your e-bike, the bigger wheels and stiffer frames of hybrid bikes provide more comfortable to ride and usually have a bigger battery and motor, so can also be used for long weekend rides as well as short-hop commuting. They are heavier though, and can be very expensive.

electric fat tire bike

If you are one of them who like to off road or favorite high-power electric bike, don’t miss these electric fat tire bikes. 26-inch fat tire electric bike still is a hot choice and  growing in popularity as riders can power up hills before flying back down them with the motor turned off, meaning their day on the trails involves more fun and less graft – and even riders with middling fitness levels can cover much bigger distances off-road. Incidentally, you could find 26-inch electric fat tire bike in some bike rental shops of some mountainous areas and beach, as they allow even novice riders to accompany experienced riders up the steepest hills and tackle longer rides without getting left behind. 20-inch fat e bike is a good choice for women or elder, and those who is the first time to try to ride fat tire electric bicycle. Upgrade specifications of 48V battery and 500W or 750W motor must adapt more people requirement. And 26-inch fat tire electric bike have more specification choice.

electric fat tire bike

Now according to the above needs, here recommend three electric fat tire for you.

20-inch folding fat tire electric bike

A7AM20 is a folding 20 inch fat tire electric bike from Shuangye ebike(Hotebike). And this bike with steel fenders, a rear rack, 3W LED front light with USB charging port, among USB charging port allows you to charge or maintain portable electronics while riding or stopping. There are 36v 10ah lithium battery, it can be taken out to the place where have outlet to charge, 36v 250w/350w brushless motor can choose. Very basic 7-speed drivetrain with large LCD display and thumb throttle. Folding a bike to storage or put in car trunk just needs three steps, easy and fast.

electric fat tire bike

20-inch fat tire e bike

A6AH20F is another 20-inch fat tire ebike, but it don’t support fold electric bike. It’s one of the newest bike model of Shuangye, and it has design for women, small riders. It made with 100% aluminum alloy bike frame, the battery is conveniently located just at the down tube of frame and it is a removable battery, so you can move it to charge where have outlet. There is suspension front fork on this model, so the tires and fork both can absorb the shock. There are a vairety of motor parameter and battery capacity, like 48v 10ah battery capacity and 48v 500w/750w motor parameter.

electric fat tire bike

26-inch mountain electric fat tire bike

A6AH26F is an excellent electric bike for a variety of reasons, the 26*4.0 anti-skidding fat tires provide traction and float for off-road cycling easily, and adapt readily to snow, sand, gravel and virtually any other complex topography. There are a vairety of spec of motor parameter and battery capacity to you choose depend on you needs, for example 250w-1000w brusheless motor power and 36v or 48v battery capacity. For high power motor fat e bike, even steep inclines will be a breeze riding, a full charging battery provides up to 50-80km of per-electric driving. Large color LCD display is intuitive make you see the e bike real-time info clearly.

electric fat tire bike

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