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Is It Safe to Hang an Electric Bike for Storage

Is It Safe to Hang an Electric Bike for Storage

Suspended electric bicycles are dangerous because of the risk of falling onto people or damaging the bicycle itself. Undoubtedly, due to the sophisticated electronic components of electric bicycles, storing electric bicycles may be more troublesome than ordinary bicycles. However, if it is properly secured, you can safely hang the electric bicycle on the wall or ceiling. However, because electric bicycles are heavier and bulkier than traditional bicycles, and are more likely to cause injury or damage when dropped, suspension bicycles may present some unique challenges.

In this article, I will explain why you might hang an electric bicycle, as well as where and how to hang it.

In addition, I will show you the heavy equipment needed to ensure its safety, so as not to damage your electric bike or harm you or your family.

Electric Bike for Storage

Why you should consider hanging an electric bike

There are many reasons why you should consider hanging an electric bike. The first and most important reason may be to avoid theft.

Here are three good reasons why you should hang an electric bike:

1. Save space in garages, sheds or homes

You may not have space to store your electric bicycle at home. In addition, your garage may be full of unsuitable items!

Also, if you live in an apartment or condominium, it is more difficult to find a safe place to store your electric bicycles. In addition, you may not have any yard space for bicycle sheds (Amazon link).

A good way to solve this problem is to suspend an electric bicycle.

2. Keep your electric bike away

In addition, if you hang it up, your electric bike will block your way. You don’t have to worry about bruising if you hit it. You also don’t have to worry about knocking it down and damaging the bicycles, furniture, walls, or objects stored in your garage (such as other bicycles).

3. Electric bicycle anti-theft

When your electric bicycle is hung up, it is not easy for a thief to catch and take it away, especially when it is hung from the ceiling.

In addition, you can keep it indoors for extra security…so you do get two layers of protection.

Suspension of ordinary bicycles and electric bicycles (how are they different)
There is a major difference between suspension bicycles and electric bicycles.

Electric bike weight

Only the extra weight of electric bicycles makes suspension more dangerous than traditional bicycles. Not to mention that it is larger, the tires may be wider, and has sensitive electronic components that require special care.

The weight of an electric bicycle can easily reach 70 pounds or more. Not only are their frames thicker to support motors and batteries, but the popularity of fat tires also makes electric bicycles heavier and require more space.

Electric bicycle tire size

Electric bicycles have a variety of tire sizes. This is why using a traditional garage floor bike rack is not always an option… because the tires may not fit between the slots!

In fact, most electric bicycles have wider tires than traditional bicycles to support a heavy bicycle frame. Moreover, if they are fat tires, then their width is likely to be 2.75 inches-4.0 inches or more.

So, the point is that while for most traditional bicycles, you may need a bicycle hook or hook that can withstand up to 40 pounds, you need an electric bicycle hook that can withstand up to 80 pounds!

In addition, although a typical bicycle hook allows you to hang a bicycle with regular wheels, you need to find a tire that fits your electric bicycle, which is usually wider. If you have fat tires that are 3 inches-4 inches wide, you may need to reconsider your installation method.

Should you hang your electric bike on the wall?

Generally, if you consider hanging an electric bicycle on a wall, you must choose between vertical or horizontal.

Vertical installation saves wall space, while horizontal installation saves the maximum space in the room where you hang it. If you have a lot of open wall space in your garage, you can easily store your electric bicycle on it.

Once you consider the weight they carry and choose between the two, vertical or horizontal, the best suspension bike stand is not that difficult.

Electric Bike for Storage

The benefits of hanging an electric bike on the wall

Compared to hanging from the ceiling, your electric bike is easier to lift (assuming you don’t put the bike hook or bike rack too far on the wall)
You may find a storage location in your home, such as behind the door
Compared with hanging the electric bicycle from the ceiling, it will be more convenient and easier to take out and ride.

Disadvantages of hanging electric bikes on the wall

Your electric bike is more likely to be hit by a car or other garage equipment (if it is hung in it, it will hit between the door and the wall)
Due to weight and size, electric bikes are still more difficult to lift
Due to tire size or weight, a typical bike rack may not be able to hold your electric bike

Can you hang your electric bike on the ceiling?

You may have seen many bicycles hanging from the ceiling. However, traditionally, they are ordinary bicycles weighing no more than 30 pounds. But is it safe to hang an electric bicycle from the ceiling?

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that your electric bicycle and its equipment remain safe, and that no one is injured by a fall of the electric bicycle.

And, since if you don’t have space to store an electric bike, hanging the electric bike from the ceiling seems to be the best option, so it will help to understand the pros and cons.

Electric Bike for Storage

The benefits of hanging an electric bicycle from the ceiling

Your electric bike will completely avoid your car, lawn mower, other large equipment and people stored in the garage
Use the pulley system to make your electric bike easily reach the ceiling
Ceiling bike racks allow a wider range of tire sizes, so they are ideal for hanging fat tire electric bikes
Your electric bike is hard to stolen

Disadvantages of hanging electric bicycles on the ceiling

You need an ultra-sturdy and safe bike rack system to lift your electric bike above your head
Due to weight and size, your electric bike will be difficult to lift or lift (if you don’t use pulleys)
Typical bike racks may not have high enough load capacity to accommodate heavy electric bicycles

How to safely hang an electric bicycle for storage

Once you decide whether to hang the bike on the ceiling or on the wall (and which way…horizontal or vertical), the next step is to figure out how to hang it safely.

This mainly depends on the type of bike rack or pulley system you choose and the weight of the electric bike.

If your electric bicycle is too heavy to carry, it may not be safe to hang it in this way. Make sure to protect your back and shoulders and other parts of your body from injury. A 5-foot 2-inch body can never lift a 68-pound electric bicycle to a wall alone. But having a partner is helpful!

How to hang your electric bicycle on the wall bracket (safe and reliable)

Some wall mounts are safer than others, especially for electric bicycles that weigh 50 pounds or more. At least it is relatively easy to install a wall-mounted bicycle rack or hook.

You will need to use the stud finder to find the wall studs. Then hang the bike rack according to the instructions that came with the wall mount.

Just confirm the weight of your electric bike and the load capacity of the bike rack. Then choose the right size vertical tire rack when you buy it!

How to hang your electric bike from the ceiling

Since most electric bicycles are heavy, I suggest you use a pulley lift or crane so that you don’t hang the bicycle because of the weight.

First, you need to understand the load capacity of your electric bike. If you are not sure about the weight of the bicycle, please consult the manufacturer.

Then make sure that the weight of your electric bike is less than the allowable weight of the ceiling bike rack.

Next, consider adding a 2X4 to your garage ceiling so you can ensure that the pulley lift is safe after installation. Install the pulleys according to the instructions provided.

If your electric bike is heavy, you can even choose a pulley system that can hold large items (such as this one from Amazon). This kayak lift can actually bear 125 pounds, so you can be confident that it can keep your electric bike safe.

Safety tips for hanging electric bikes

1.Do not hang upside down unless recommended by the manufacturer: you may damage its electrical components
2.For safety: add a 2×4 board to your garage ceiling before installing the bike rack
3.Find a wall stud to securely fix your wall shelf to
4.Purchase and install a bike rack with a higher carrying capacity than your electric bike to ensure that it can be hung safely and reliably
5.Before deciding how to hang an electric bike, understand how much weight you can safely lift。
6.Never hang your electric bicycle on the spokes, even if it is recommended (the electric bicycle is too heavy and will damage the spokes)
7.Remove the battery from the electric bicycle to reduce its weight and store the battery in a safer location.

Just follow these safety tips and choose a bike rack system that can withstand more than the weight of the bike. You will love to put your electric bike aside, and it feels good to store it safely!

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