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Long Range Battery Powerful Cargo Electric Tricycle

1. 36/48V 250W/350W/500W/750W high-speed brushless motor for optional.
2. 10AH/13AH/15.6AH/20AH Li-ion battery.
3. Speed: 25-30KM/H
4. Excellent quality aluminum alloy frame, hydraulic suspension front fork and wear-resistant fat tires.
5. Waterproof in rain or snow.
6. Equipped with Torque sensing electric power technology.
7. With 7-speed/21speed transmission system.
8.Two rear wheel power supply

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Long Range Battery Powerful Cargo Electric Tricycle

The ultimate cargo-hauling machine – the three-wheeled fat-tire electric bike. Powered by a rear-drive motor and equipped with a linkage-assist steering system, this bike is designed to make carrying loads effortless. With a large-capacity battery providing an extended range, you’ll be able to go further on a single charge, making it perfect for long-distance cargo transportation. Say goodbye to the hassle of hauling heavy loads and hello to a new era of convenience and efficiency.

Cargo Electric Tricycle

Unleash the Power of Rear-Drive Motor on Our Electric Cargo Trike

The rear-drive motor provides superior traction and torque, making it easier to carry heavy cargo and navigate steep hills. With our electric cargo trike, you can enjoy a smooth and powerful ride, while also getting the job done efficiently. Explore our collection!

Cargo Electric Tricycle

Superior Performance with Samsung Battery Cells for Trike Electric Bike

Our electric trike bike is equipped with high-quality Samsung battery cells, delivering reliable power for an extended ride. With superior energy density and advanced safety features, you can trust our bike to go the extra mile. Plus, our battery cells have a longer lifespan, so you can enjoy your ride worry-free. Choose our trike electric bike with Samsung battery cells for a more efficient, enjoyable and safe ride.

Cargo Electric Tricycle

Exclusive Frame Design for Enhanced Stability and Safety

Our independently-developed frame design offers superior stability and safety for your ride. The unique shape and materials used in the construction provide increased resistance to impact and vibration. Experience a smooth, comfortable ride with our advanced frame technology. Google trends keywords: electric bike, frame design, stability, safety.

Cargo Electric Tricycle

The Difference in Front and Rear Tires Makes Your Ride Easier

Our three-wheeled electric bike features a fat tire design with a wider tire on the front for increased stability, and a narrower tire on the rear for enhanced power output, making your ride easier.

Cargo Electric Tricycle

Enjoy a Smooth Ride with Full Suspension on Our Electric Tricycle

Our electric tricycle is equipped with full suspension, providing a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain. Whether you’re cruising on the streets or hitting off-road trails, our tricycle will absorb shocks and bumps for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Cargo Electric Tricycle

High Load Capacity – Enjoy Your Cargo Transport with Ease

Our electric tricycle features a sturdy frame and a powerful motor, providing exceptional load capacity for cargo transport. With a reinforced rear axle and robust front suspension, it can easily carry heavy loads and make your transport tasks a breeze. Plus, its large battery capacity and long-lasting endurance make it perfect for commercial and industrial use. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on this high-load-capacity electric tricycle for your transportation needs.

Cargo Electric Tricycle

No More Worries with a Front Carrier for Kids!

Our electric tricycle features a front carrier for your little ones. With this carrier, you can take your children on fun rides without worrying about their safety. The carrier is sturdy and can hold up to 300 lbs, making it perfect for family outings and trips to the park. Plus, it’s easy to install and remove, so you can customize your bike as needed. Join the trend of family-friendly bikes with our tricycle!

Cargo Electric Tricycle


By choosing our three-wheeled fat tire electric bike, you will have a comfortable, stable, and efficient riding experience. Whether you are a city resident or a busy commuter, you can find your own way of commuting on this electric bike. Start an inquiry now and reserve your three-wheeled fat tire electric bike!

Thank you for your interest in our three-wheeled fat-tire e-bike. This e-bike not only provides a comfortable, stable, and efficient riding experience, but also features full suspension, strong load-bearing capacity, differential front and rear tires, and a detachable front basket, making it suitable for various urban scenarios. Now, you can fill in the information form below and we will provide you with more detailed information and arrange delivery as soon as possible.


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