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Magnesium alloy integrated and spoke ebike wheel

Magnesium alloy integrated and spoke ebike wheel

There are only two types of wheels you’ll see rolling around underneath the ebike. One is magnesium alloy integrated ebike wheels, another is spoke ebike wheels. If you’re a mountain biker thinking about an E bike, there are a few differences between magnesium alloy integrated and spoke ebiek wheel that you should think about! It’s important to consider these differences when considering riding style, transportation, technologies and feeling! Compare with magnesium alloy integrated wheel, most of ebikes still choose to use spoke wheel. From wire-spoke wheels to magnesium alloy integrated wheels skyrocketed in popularity.

If magnesium alloy ebike wheels were the latest and greatest, and are still the standard for ebikes today, why are manufacturers still using wire-spoked ebike wheel? The answer isn’t so cut and dry. Both wheel solutions have their advantages and drawbacks. Which one is better depends on what and where you’re riding. Now we talk about the differences of magnesium alloy integrated ebike wheel and wire-spoke ebike wheel.

Why magnesium alloy integrated ebike wheel become common?

Except fashion style, they’re light and strong. Actually, weight can be a hard comparison. Alloys are comparatively lighter and when it comes to sports bikes, they are engineered to shed as much weight as they can because it is important to be light to be fast. Under normal situation, a spoke aluminum alloy wheel is lighter than a aluminum alloy one, but magnesium alloy integrated wheel lighter than spoke aluminum alloy wheel. At really high speeds, small aerodynamic benefits matter and can be taken into account when designing one-piece ebike wheels, which allow a bit more freedom than spoke ebike wheel.

Unlike spoke ebike wheel, magnesium alloy integrated wheel more rigid, handle higher speeds and higher amounts of horsepower and torque with relative ease. The solid, unflexing nature also makes the magnesium alloy integrated wheels more predictable in riding, especially at higher cornering speeds where stability and consistency are paramount.

But why spoke ebike wheel still popular?

In fact, spoke ebike wheels are more durable than magnesium alloy integrated ebike wheels. On the road, while riding around on your street ebike, you maybe encounter the potholes. Spoke wheels can bend and flex to a certain degree letting you tackle the rougher terrain. But in an off-road scenario,  you will encounter large rocks or massive ruts, ebike wheels are likely to sustain impact damage.

Spoke wheels are excellent at transferring impact energy throughout the wheel relative to their magnesium alloy integrated wheels. They also have the desirable characteristic of bending, twisting, and flexing when exposed to too much lateral, axial, or radial force. In word, spoke ebike wheel sustain impact damage ability better than magnesium alloy integrated ebike wheel, can adapt to different terrains.

What about cost and replacement?

The magnesium alloy integrated wheel ebike often is more expensive than spoke wheel ebike, because of the cost of magnesium alloy integrated ebike wheel production.

Out in the wild, if you do send it too hard up a trail with your spoke wheels, dent a rim on a rock or bend a spoke, replacing the individual parts is simple and inexpensive. Though magnesium alloy integrated wheel will often absorb more energy and stay true for far longer, if you slam into a curb or your magnesium alloy integrated ebike wheel gets swallowed by a pothole on the road and the damage often presents itself as a cracked or bent wheel.  when a failure does occur,that’s an entire wheel that needs replacing. Obviously, the magnesium alloy integrated ebike wheel replacement cost is more expensive than spoke ebike wheel.  

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