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Mid-drive Electric Bikes

Mid-drive Electric Bikes: What Are the Differences that Matter


Comparing hub drive and mid drive electric bikes? You need to consider power, performance and price. Because at the end of the day, those differences are what really matter.

The way an e-bike travels has a major impact on its climbing ability, ride feel (what we call performance), and cost. This is what you should consider.

Hub Drive vs Mid Drive: Power
A hub-drive e-bike motor (sometimes simply called a hub motor) is located in the rear hub of the bike – hence the name.

These rear hub motors “push” the bike forward, spinning the wheel based on the controller and a cadence sensor or torque sensor.

In contrast, a mid-drive motor powers the bike’s drivetrain directly on the crankset. As such, mid-drive motors will work closely with the bike’s gears, amplifying the mechanical advantage they offer. This is especially useful for climbing steep hills or navigating extended slopes. On these types of terrain, the mid-drive motor can take advantage of the gears and keep the bike’s revolutions per minute (RPM) within an effective range without bogging down.

The mid-drive motor on this e-bike works with the bike’s gears to propel the e-bike forward in a natural and powerful way.

Assuming two motors of the same wattage (e.g. 750W continuous), a mid drive e-bike motor is likely to provide more torque and more power than a hub drive e-bike motor.

Hub Drive vs Mid Drive: Performance
For our context, we will describe the performance of an e-bike as the feel of riding.

Hub-drive e-bike motors feel like they have a lot of oomph or dynamism. While this is not an indication of actual performance, it feels real. In this way, they resemble a rear-wheel-drive car, or as some riders say, riding a Bird or Lime electric scooter. Frankly, this ride can be fun, even exciting. This is a big plus for a hub drive motor.

A hub-drive e-bike can be a fun and great value option.

However, placing a relatively heavy motor in the middle of the wheel can make a hub-drive e-bike more difficult to balance than a traditional or mid-drive e-bike.

Mid-drive e-bikes feel like bikes. The power provided by the motor is routed through the bike’s drivetrain, so riders may not notice the power as much as they would on a hub-drive e-bike. Instead, mid-range bikes just go fast and climb hills with ease. It’s also worth noting that the mid-drive motor tends to “accelerate” more smoothly, giving it a natural feel and protecting the bike’s drivetrain.

Mid-drive motors put all the extra weight in the center of the bike, so they feel more balanced than hub-drive e-bikes.

Hub-Drive vs Mid-Drive: Prices
Hub-drive e-bikes cost significantly less than mid-drive e-bikes. There are many reasons for this, including design, manufacturability, and the technology itself.

For example, a hub drive motor can be added to almost any bicycle frame, whereas the mid-drive motor must be integrated so the frame is always custom designed for that specific motor. What’s more, mid-drive motors are a newer technology that can make them more expensive than hub-drive motors.

Hub Drive vs Mid Drive: You Decide
Like many things, choosing between hub-drive and mid-drive e-bikes requires you to weigh your options and choose what works best for your particular riding situation.

For example, if you live in a mountainous area, or you’re a heavier rider, you might want to pay more for the superior climbing ability of a mid-drive e-bike. If you live in a relatively flat area, why not save some money and get a fun hub drive.

Advantages of Shuangye Electric Bike System
Developed for unlimited fun, the e-bike uses the components of the Bosch e-bike system to deliver exceptional technical quality and work as a perfectly coordinated team. HOTEBIKE’s smart system – consisting of the eBike Flow app, control unit, display, battery and drive unit – ensures a very personal eBike experience. Combining high-quality e-bike components with digital features, the new generation system takes riding to the next level, whether for everyday use or recreation.

Drive unit
Experience the Power of New Mobility
About 90% of e-bikes have a mid-drive motor. Most e-bike riders choose this concept for good reasons:

Advanced drive technology provides a natural riding feel thanks to the direct transfer of power to the chain. The mid-drive motor provides a balanced weight distribution and center of gravity compared to a front- or rear-wheel motor. It also offers excellent drive control, is compatible with all shifting systems, and requires less energy due to greater efficiency. Another advantage of the mid-drive motor is its compact, lightweight design. It is perfectly integrated into the frame design, providing greater ground clearance and a lower Q-factor.

The natural riding feel is the result of innovative technology and a multi-sensor concept for optimal motor support. Sensors measure torque, speed and acceleration more than 1,000 times per second, ensuring perfect interaction between rider and e-bike. The technology mid-drive motor is available in two variants depending on the product line, offering support up to 20 mph or up to 28 mph.


Speed Display, Motor Power Ratio Display, Battery Level Display, Error Indication, Total Kilometers, Single Kilometers, Cruise Control, Single Running Time, Light Signal.Backlit Colorful Screen.


Located in the middle of the handlebar,water and dustproof display, it is more clear and easier to read. With this sleek clear colorful LCD8 Display you can quickly view the data you want at a glance.Optional 5-speed assist levels. You can easily view your averages or the maximum values recorded with a touch of a button. Check the error and the vehicle’s electronic control system and driving safety.Setting your ebike wheel data and your own riding mode.


The most modern electric bike power supply on the market
The HOTEBIKE rechargeable battery is an efficient and durable power source and one of the most advanced electric bike batteries on the market. They combine great mileage, long service life and low weight with ergonomic design and simple operation. High-quality lithium-ion batteries are equipped with a battery management system that identifies potential sources of error and prevents overheating of the battery cells.



  • System Voltage: 48 Volts
  • Up to 1,764 watts with 52V battery (1,638 watts with 48V battery)
  • Throttle and pedal assist modes
  • Lightweight and powerful! (Motor weighs 13 pounds and whole kit with all parts will add ~16 pounds to your bike.
  • LCD Display provides information about speed, time, battery info and pedal assist power
  • Plug and play connections and installation
  • Powerful and affordable mid-drive conversion ebike kit that can convert most bikes to high power ebikes
  • Upgraded 45 amp Anderson Connections to connect to battery
  • ** WARNING: This BBSHD 1000W motor kit is SERIOUSLY POWERFUL! Technically speaking it is only for off-road and private property use. Some riders are able to achieve speeds of 40+mph! Our 750W BBS02 motors meet the power needs and wants of the majority of riders. It is your responsibility as the rider to follow applicable local and federal traffic and ebike laws. Consider yourselves forewarned.
  • *** Please note, we cannot guarantee compatibility of our motors with other sellers’ batteries. If you attempt to pair this motor with an incompatible battery, you could damage/blow the controller and other kit parts and/or experience communication




  • Newest 1000w BBSHD Bafang Mid Drive Motor
  • Upgraded Integrated Powerful 30amp 12 MOSFET Controller
  • LCD Display (C961 Display, 500c Display, or DPC-18 Full Color Display)
  • Ebrake Handle Levers or Ebrake Sensors (connects to your existing brakes)
  • Crank Arms
  • Left Thumb Throttle
  • Speed Sensor with Spoke Magnet
  • Main Wiring Harness (wiring that connects all the kit components)
  • Gear Sensor Plug coming out of controller


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