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Bicycle mobile phone holder to install the demo

Bicycle mobile phone holder to install the demo

Adapt to all smartphones

When riding a bicycle to an unfamiliar place, you need to use your mobile phone to navigate, holding your mobile phone in one hand, it is not convenient and safe to ride with one hand

mobile phone holder

100 – 799 Pieces
800 – 1499 Pieces
1500 – 1999 Pieces
>=2000 Pieces

phone holder 

500 – 2499 Pieces
2500 – 7999 Pieces
>=8000 Pieces

For cycling enthusiasts, there are high requirements for the stability of the mobile phone holder. At the same time, the size of the holder should not be too large. It must also have a certain degree of protection for the mobile phone itself. The mobile phone itself must be placed in order to ride more comfortably!



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