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New two mid-drive motor ebike frame

New two mid-drive motor ebike frame

As we know, there are two common motor ebike types, one is hub motor ebike, another is mid-drive motor ebike. The motor most commonly found on the market today is a hub motor. It is typically placed on the rear wheel, although some front hub configurations exist. The hub motor is simple, relatively lightweight, and quite inexpensive to manufacture. The Shuangye electric bike, the Hub-drive use a rear hub motor since simplicity and weight were important considerations in designing a bike.

Mid-drive motors are known for higher performance and torque when compared to a similarly powered traditional hub motor. One key reason why is that the mid-drive motor drives the crank, instead of the wheel itself, multiplying its power and allowing it to better take advantage of the bike’s existing gears. But each mid-drive motor ebike has different mid-drive motor ebike frame, and this postis going to intriduce you two new mid-drive motor ebike frame.

Both of the two new frame are also used hidden battery design. What the advantages of use hidden battery design on the mid-drive ebike frame? The first merit must be the controller of ebike. It can hide the controller in the down tube of ebike to perent water and dust to damage it. And the hidden battery design make the mid-drive motor frame more simple. If it is finished product, maybe you would think it just a normal bike not an ebike. Hidden battery and mid-drive motor always give an illusion those who have not been see ebike before. And the biggest difference of two mid-drive motor ebike frame is the motor part, it is equipped with different type motor.

Why people prefer to choose mid-drive motor electric bike?

Acutally, the mid-drive motor ebike gradeability maybe is better than hub motor ebike. Cause mid-drive motor is positioned close to the bike’s center of gravity and low to the ground. This helps improve the overall handling of your electric bike by better distributing the weight. The best way is to imagine a scenario where you are approaching a steep hill. Because the motor is near the gear, you can try to change the bike’s gears to make it easier to pedal and maintain the same cadence, motor also benefits from that gearing change, enabling it to deliver more power and range when the bike has a mid-drive motor.

The second merit is maintenance, Mid-drive motor ebike is designed to make maintenace and service more easy. If you want to replace the bike wheel rim, you can take off the wheel to change a tire become more easy. This means that any regular bike shop can easily perform troubleshooting and repairs.

If you living hilly area or need to climbing a steep hill back to home, maybe mid-drive motor ebike is suitable for you. And bike frame also an important consideration feactor before you pruchase one ebike. This two mid-drive motor ebike frames are a good choice and they equipped motor can improve the performance better.

If you want to know more detail information about one of mid-drive motor ebike frame, please leave a message below. You can also browse other electric bikes on our Official Website.



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