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Portable Power Station For Electric Bike

Knowing electric bike batteries have a limited charge can give you range anxiety. This can reduce the fun and sense of freedom you get from riding electric bikes. Here, in this article, I will talk in detail about SHUANGYE newly designed portable power station for electric bikes. It can charge your electric bike battery whilst you’re out and about.

You may even avoid making certain longer cycle trips due to range anxiety. Furthermore, you may not take your electric bike with you on weekends away like camping trips, if you feel you’ll have nowhere to recharge it. However, what if there were ways that you could charge your electric bike away from your home? Would this mean you’ll go on longer cycle rides and take your electric bike with you away on cycling trips?

When it comes to electric bikes, there are certain ways you can in fact charge your battery on the go. These include taking a charger with you, say in a backpack or pannier for example. You can then use it to charge your battery at stop offs, like in a cafe or a pub. Increasingly, dedicated electric bike charging points are appearing at various places. There are even ways that are particularly suitable for charging your electric bike battery on trips away. These include through your car battery, solar panels, or by using a portable power station.


Charing Your Electric Bike With A Deliesn

A Deliesn is a portable power station that you can use to charge your electric bike from. You typically charge the Deliesn from a mains power supply. It then stores this electric charge, so that you can then plug an electrical appliance into it like a mobile phone or laptop. The Deliesn then charges the appliance that you have plugged into it. This is by transferring electricity from itself to the appliance.

The Deliesn is ideal for taking away with you on cycling trips to recharge your electric bike battery. Like using solar panels, a Deliesn lends itself more to taking with you on cycling trips away for a few days, rather than for single bike rides. The reason being that their weight makes them implausible to take with you on a bike. This is unless you have a cargo electric bike though. 

If you’re going away for a cycling weekend, you can put a fully charged Deliesn in the van or the boot of your car. You can then use the Deliesn to recharge your electric bike battery whilst you’re away. You simply plug your charger into the AC output on the Deliesn.

Different Capacity Deliesn’s Available

There is a range of different Deliesn’s available. Each one of these has different power storage capacities in watt hours. So the amount you can recharge your electric bike battery by, will depend on which Deliesn you’re using. The capacity of your electric bike battery will determine this as well.

Using A Deliesn To Charge An Electric Bike 

As mentioned above, you could use a Deliesn to charge an electric bike mid ride. This will mean that you won’t need to find a stop off with a charge point. We have four different designs about Deliesn.


1, DS300E2

portable power station

It have 345 Wh, 483 WH, 1210 WH capacity optional, and 300W 500W 1500W AC power etc. 


2, DS300A-2

electric bikesIt have 345 WH, 483 WH, 553 WH capacity optional, and 300W 500W AC power etc. 


3, DS500AP-1

At 362.8 Wh capacity, 300W AC power and 600W peak power. And the Solar Generator 60W/80W delivers fast solar recharging yet for Deliesn. 



It have 553 WH, 1036 WH capacity optional, 500W AC power and 1000W peak power.

Depending on the battery management system (BMS) of your battery, a Deliesn can literally charge your electric cargo bike battery on the go. You may not necessarily have time to recharge your electric bike battery enough during a mid cycle brake. So when your battery is running low, you can then stop to connect your Deliesn to your battery. Then you can set off cycling again, so that the Deliesn is powering your battery whilst you’re cycling. Remember this depends on if your BMS allows for this though. This can ensure you have enough range to get you home. If you’re doing this though, make sure the charger and lead between the Deliesn and the battery is secure. You may find this very tricky to pull off though, especially as chargers are cumbersome.

You may possibly work in deliveries and use an electric bike for this. In which case, taking a Deliesn with you can give you the range to see you through the day. You may need to strike a balance between the Deliesn not adding too much weight and it giving you enough extra range. Taking a Deliesn with you on an electric cargo bike, can even allow you to go on cycle trips with overnight stops.

Using a Deliesn with Solar Panels

If you’re away on a cycling trip, then you can use a solar panel to charge a Deliesn. You can then charge your electric bike battery from the Deliesn afterwards. Here, you don’t use a charge controller (as talked about further above), because Deliesn’s have one built-in. Some solar panels, though, do have a charge controller built in.

You may be wondering though why would you use a solar panel to charge the Deliesn, rather than use a solar panel to directly charge the battery. Well the reason being is that solar panels obviously need the sun to provide power. However, sun is only available during the day, which is when you’ll be cycling. So you may not have enough time during the day to fit in a ride and charge the battery from a solar panel.
So you can charge the Deliesn from the solar panel, whilst you’re riding your electric bike. Once you’ve finished your ride, you can then use the Deliesn to charge your electric bike battery. This could even be in the evening or overnight, when there’s little or no sunlight. Then you can have a full battery charge the next day. By the way, it’s OK to leave your battery on charge through the Deliesn overnight. Once the electric bike battery is full, it will stop charging. So there’s no danger of it overheating, or the Deliesn discharging more than necessary.

Will you be using a solar panel as a backup or main source of power? 

This will help determine the power capacity you need. For instance, 100W solar panel will offer you an adequate capacity of storage. Furthermore, it is also 23% more efficient than a common portable solar panel out there. If you need minimal power, you can opt for a 60W variant. 

The portability factor also includes the power ports, such as a dual USB port for smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS, etc. A smart portable solar panel contains an IC chip to identify the device and charge it accordingly without overloading or overcharging. 

A quick tip: a portable solar panel with 18V DC will be an adequate product. It will keep your devices fully charged, hence liberating you from a wall outlet. 

Dual USB Ports USB-C (PD 45W max) and QC3.0 are ideal for smartphones and tablets, GPS, cameras, etc. The USB port with an in-built smart IC chip helps identify your devices optimizes their charging while preventing any overcharging and overloading. A quick recommendation here is that an 18V DC output keeps your DC devices full of power.

How Long Do You Need to Charge a Solar Panel?

A decent portable solar panel should be able to offer an energy conversion rate of 21% to 23%. Typically, daily peak sunlight duration ranges from 1.5 to 7.5 hours, depending on the weather and location. In this case, a monocrystalline portable solar panel will work best.


Apart from durability, weather resistance, and waterproofing, Deliesn have the following features. 

  • Voltage Control – This will help you alter the voltage according to the device you need to charge 
  • Overcharge protection – saves your devices’ batteries and other caravan equipment from overcharge 
  • Over-current protection – Helps you protect your devices from burning out because of the over-current. Plus, it also prevents you from getting any electric shocks. 
  • Short-circuit protection –This will enable you to protect your devices from short-circuits due to rain or other conditions.


Durability and Quality 

This is very important because you will be carrying a portable panel on the road. Therefore, it must be sturdy and resistant to shocks and damages. You can look for a monocrystalline panel as they are waterproof Heavy-duty latches will offer reliability as they stay locked in place. You can even get solar panels that stay closed with either strong magnets or plastic clips. A solar panel on the rooftop of a caravan or open ground will embrace different weather conditions, especially rain. Therefore, you must select a waterproof panel that comes with dustproof covers to protect it when not in use.Deliesn provides you with high quality Portable power station.

If you are looking for a new charging way of electric bike, we are here to help you. Visit our website to learn more about portable power station or please leave information to us.


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