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Precautions for riding an electric bike

Precautions for riding an electric bike

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Electric bikes are a very common and very convenient means of transportation. People often use it when commuting to get off work and outings. According to research results in recent years, riding an electric bike, like running and swimming, is the most endurance exercise that can improve people’s cardiopulmonary function. But many people don’t know what to pay attention to when riding? The following are some precautions for your reference.
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1. Drive sequentially in non-motorized vehicle lanes. It is strictly forbidden to drive into motorized vehicle lanes. On roads with no non-motorized vehicle lanes, you should try to keep to the right. Do not ride in the middle of the road. Do not count vehicles in parallel and drive in reverse.

2. When riding an electric bike to an intersection, you should take the initiative to let the motor vehicle go first, and stop within the stop line or the pedestrian crossing line in case of a red light. It is strictly forbidden to cross the red light by pushing or bypassing.

Learn to estimate the safe distance between the oncoming vehicle and yourself. When the vehicle is driving, you can’t rush to the lane when the distance between you and the oncoming vehicle is 15 meters. It is safer to be more than 25 meters away.
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3. When riding a turn, stretch out your hand to signal, when turning to the left, extend your left hand to signal; at the same time, choose to turn when there are no traffic in front and back. Don’t make sharp turns or violent turns when a motor vehicle is approaching.

4. Cyclists are not allowed to chase each other, tortuously drive, and hold one’s body side by side on the road.

5. It is not allowed to hold the handle with one hand and ride with an umbrella with the other hand.
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6. Even cycling at night must strictly abide by the principles of “passing on the right” and “walking in their own way”. The night light is not good, the visibility is extremely low, and there are other light interference.

There is no light source on the electric bike, it is not easy to be noticed by others at night, especially when the two vehicles meet, the strong lights will irradiate each other, and the motor vehicle driver will have a blind spot visually. If the electric bike is occupying the motorway at this time, the blind spot or when the speed of the motor vehicle is too fast to take effective measures, only the cyclist is injured.

7. Grasp the direction and keep a clear mind when riding a electric bike at night, especially when riding on a road without a dedicated non-motorized lane, pay attention to driving within 1.5 meters on the right side of the road.
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8. Seize the opportunity to stop for a minute and not fight for a second, especially when crossing the road, be sure to pay attention to the passing vehicles, take the zebra crossing or cross the road as far as possible, do not cross diagonally, and try to minimize on the road The length of stay.

9. Particular attention should be paid to riding racing electric bike and electric mountain  bikes. You can’t ride fast electric bike, overtake at will, or drive a gas electric bike.

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