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Safety tips for using electric bicycles

Safety tips for using electric bicycles

1. When buying an electric bicycle, we must check the appearance, parts, brakes, connections and other aspects of the electric car. Choose an electric bicycle that suits you and has better safety performance. Here, we recommend our electric bicycles, which are cost-effective and have strong mobility. After buying a car, you must maintain your car properly, regularly check the brakes, rearview mirrors, tires, batteries, and lights, etc., and repair and deal with problems in time.

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2. Electric bicycles are different from bike. It’s not that you can ride an electric bicycles if you can ride a bike. Take your time, first-time users must slow down, adjust the gear to the lowest, control the speed, adapt slowly, don’t ride too fast, so as to avoid injury caused by traffic accidents.

 3. Many electric bicycles accidents are caused by non-compliance with traffic rules. Be sure to obey the traffic rules, don’t run red lights, don’t take motorways, see the traffic lights clearly, don’t interfere with vehicles going straight or turning, don’t cross the road, see the inverted mirror and moving vehicles on both sides of the road before turning, and then slow down. Row.


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4. Summer is here, and many people like to assemble umbrellas privately. However, parasols not only easily block the line of sight, but also bring safety hazards to themselves and others. Especially when it is windy and rainy, it is difficult to control the balance of the car, and it is more likely to cause traffic accidents. For the safety of you and others, please do not assemble umbrellas privately, and be safe for you and me.

 5. It is recommended not to ride side by side in the same direction when riding companions. First, it will block the road and prevent others from passing. Secondly, most electric bicycles are heavy and difficult to control direction. If the distance between the two is too close, it is likely to cause the center of gravity. Unsteady and easy to fall. When riding an electric bike on rainy days, pay more attention to safety. The road surface is wet and slippery, or the rainwater splashing on the roadside when the speed of the vehicle is fast can easily affect the line of sight and cause accidents.

6. Don’t play with your mobile phone when you are riding a bicycle, and you must turn on the night light when riding an electric bicycle at night, otherwise it is difficult for car drivers to see it, so it is easy to be touched by the vehicle. Be sure to ride slowly at night and pay attention to traffic.

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