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Folding ebikes: add a little convenience to your busy life

Folding ebikes: add a little convenience to your busy life

Folding ebikes

The sky is clear and vigorous, the mountain flowers are blooming, and it’s time to ride in the year of the fight. There are many types of ebikes, but the most versatile and popular one must be a folding ebikes. Whether it is city commuting, leisure outings, sports fitness, or cycling trips, this kind of “foldable green transportation” is deeply loved by the public.
On the way to and from get off work recently, I saw that many handsome men and women choose the following means of transportation: foldable electric vehicles. Yes, it is a foldable electric car. Due to its petite figure, it can travel freely even in congested streets. Compared with public transportation such as buses and subways, using this mini-electric car can also enjoy the scenery without having to endure the “squeezing” feeling of rubbing shoulders. Then the following foldable electric vehicles will be very suitable for novices.

1、Folding ebikes 20 inch aluminum alloy A2AL20

Folding ebikes
A2AL20 has Multi-function LCD display. What’s more, designed and produced by our own factory, easy to control the quality, can show Distance, Mileage, Temperature, Voltage, Error code and more. You can easy to use it with the manual.  New update headlight 3W LED headlight are equipped for night riding, controlled by multi-function LCD display, safer and more convenient. 
With 5V1A USB mobile phone charging port, when your phone is out of power, respond to the emergency.  Aluminum alloy folding frame 6061 aluminum alloy ebike frame with great processing performance, great welding characteristics and electroplating, good corrosion resistance and high toughness.  Rear rack lithium battery. The battery box is removable so you can either charge it in the bike or separately in your room.  

2、20 inch 36v folding fat tire ebikes A7AM20

Folding ebikes
A7AM20,a folding fat tire electric bike with front and rear 160 disc brake and double-tube frame for improved strength (good option for larger riders),20 inch folding aluminum alloy frame, small size, lighter weight than other 26/28 inch fat ebike. Powerful 250/350 watt internally geared fat electric bike specific motor paired with a large 36/48-volt battery capable of hauling more weight and going off-road on packed dirt trails, the battery is removable and even the racks can be taken off

Quality LED lights (the front is integrated to run off the main battery), decent mechanical disc brakes, average drivetrain but you get seven speeds to pedal slow or fast comfortably

3、36V350W folding ladies ebikes A1-7

Folding ebikes
A1-7,its brushless hub motor can providing ideal power for this folding electric bike, it’s more strong and efficiency. The high efficiency is more than 80%. This bike has a 250w or 350w brushless motor, and 10AH lithium battery. This foldable electric bike’s max speed is 25-32km/h, and the max range is 40-60KM. This folding electric bike’s battery is hidden in frame design and waterproof design, and this battery charging time is only 5-7 hours and the max range is 40-60KM.
This electric bike’s brake system provides excellent braking, and performance in wet and muddy conditions. It will ensure your safty when braking. This electric bike has a LED headlight that ensures a clear view for night riding, and it also has a USB charging port, so when your phone running out of electric power you can use it charges your phone. This folding ebike’s tire is 20 inches, and we recommend 145cm-185cm height people to ride it, and the max supportive weight is 150kg.

In short, they’re all worth considering, so if you are interested in one of them, contact us. 


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