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Street safe riding pedal assist bike

Street safe riding pedal assist bike

Street riding accidents are often seen, and there are a amount number of death for it. Most of cyclists always like riding at a fast pace with their pedal assist bike when they passed through the road or the intersection. Actually it have a big security risks, this is easier was struck by any vehicles when across the road. Some are maybe just injure, but some would be dead. Though this stories such as these are certainly unfortunate and sadly they are not uncommon. While many disregard such precautions as common sense, stressing the importance of street safe riding does save lives when utilized correctly, and this post will teach everyone how to keep themselves safe on the street while biking.

Wear protective gear

This is necessary. Most cyclists are already aware that they should be wearing the appropriate protective gear when they are riding their pedal assist bike. While this gear protects the more sensitive areas of the body and can prevent injury and even death, this isn’t the only way that cyclists can protect themselves on the road. Like helmet, wearing a helmet will do absolutely nothing to prevent you from getting hit by a vehicle. So the helmet can help your head should be to avoid getting hit in the first place if you get hit by a vehicle. A set of professional protective gear can protect your head, elbow and knee to avoid injure.

Safe Crossing the Road

The right crossing is one of places the easiest ways to get hit by any vehicle. Because you don’t know the vehicle will most likely be pulling out of a parking lot, side street or driveway, especially there is no traffic light. In order to cyclists faced with this danger could either end up getting hit by a vehicle, or slamming into it. To avoid this situation, each cyclists need to make sure that their pedal assist bike have a head light or tail light, and some reflector, since these will make cyclists more visible at night to reduce the riding accidents. Observe the road situation also is important to ensure safely across the road.

Crosswalk is another place where is always happened accidents. Sometimes drivers usually don’t look out for pedal assist bike cyclists at these intersections, so each cyclist need to be prepared for them when cross the crosswalk. To prepare for these situation, cyclists should ensure they have their headlights on and slow down completely when appropriating this sort of situation. Since the blind area of driver’s sight, sometimes the drivers can not see the cyclists especially the big vehicle drivers. Actually we suggest that cyclist get out and push their pedal assist bike cross the crosswalk, not ride to cross the crosswalk.

Riding into door

Riding into the door of a vehicle is another common issue, because of the door suddenly opens in front of the cyclists. But this might not seem like a major problem for cyclists, actually it is the most common cause of bicycle accidents in some areas. How to prevent this happening, the brake of pedal assist bike is necessary. To keep your pedal assist bike brake system at the best situation, you would better checked the brake frequently by professional electric bike shop. So some a good brake system is necessary, like Shuangye electric bike used Tektro brake system.

In fact, it is so dangerous crossing way when cyclists attempt to ride on the sidewalks. If you at the intersections without any traffic lights, it is so hard to decides whether cars are coming out of driveways. And don’t drink and ride, many of the same rules for driving apply to biking in the traffic, so please don’t drink and ride your pedal assist bike.

Why we need to safe street riding? Just because cyclists getting hit by a vehicle are protected by nothing more than shin pads and a helmet, so street safe riding could end up saving their lives many times over. Safe street riding not only can protect your life, it also can avoid your pedal assist bike damage.

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