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The advantage of fold portable electric bike

The advantage of fold portable electric bike

Fold portable electric bike is an increasingly popular product and a very powerful transportation vehicle for practical use. From the name “fold portable electric bike”, it’s easy to understand its natural structural advantages. Because of the natural properties that can be folded, folding electric bike can be used in more scenarios. Most fold portable electric bike is 14 inch, 16 inch and 20 inch, some will 26 inch. Small wheel fold ebike occupies a small space and has a very good performance, which is unparalleled by traditional mountain electric bicycles. And here will introduce some fold portable electric bike advantages.


The first advantage is its fold function. Many families even put their 14 inch or 20 inch fold portable electric bike in the trunk of their cars and were able to ride their bikes to enjoy the scenery when they went on a trip. If your car trunk enough large, 26 inch fold mountain electric bike also can put in. When you need to change to other means of transportation during your journey, folding electric bike are more convenient to carry, and when you don’t need to ride, you can get it quickly and save space. It can also be easily put in the trunk of a car during a self-driving trip. When necessary, it is used as a walking tool to bring more fun to our journey.


Another advantage of fold portable electric bike is light, which is not carry a heavy burden on cyclists compared to mountain electric bikes. The average weight of the folding electric bike is less than 20kg, which is much more portable than a regular bicycle. Even people who live on the top floors can easily move fold portable electric bikes to their homes, which is the most effective way to prevent electric vehicles from being stolen. And you also can move it near the outlet to charge.

3.Save space

The third advantage is save more space, when you fold up your portable electric bike, it means that the bike would reduce store sapce. Most of fold electric bikes just need two or three steps to fold up. You can fold up it and store beside your work seat in your office, or store on the place where you can see. It just only occpuied a small place when fold up in your room, your car trunk, your house. Fold portable electric bike is one of the beat choice commter vehicle in urban.

Here show you three fold portable electric bikes for you. One is 20 inch hidden battery electric bike A1-7, it use a classic fold bike frame design which make an ebike look like a nornaml bike and suit different height people riding. If you prefer 14 inch portable ebike, this A1-S fold ebike is more light, easy to carry up to the high floor without any sweat. If you like mountain electric bike, and can carry it to other place cycle, maybe fold mountain electric bike is great choice. It is easy to put in your car trunk and don’t occpied to much sapce. Even can put in two or three.

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