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The contribution of the electric bicycle

The contribution of the electric bicycle

Electric bicycles, including electric cargo bikes, are enabling more people to ride bikes for transportation, recreation, and business. With an electric motor to assist the rider’s pedaling, electric bikes significantly extend the distance and cargo capacity of a normal bicycle. This allows riders of all abilities, ages and fitness levels to travel by bike and replace car trips. For businesses, electric cargo bikes provide an economical and eco-friendly solution for transporting and delivering goods. With their zero direct emissions, electric bikes are a clean alternative to gas-powered vehicles that produces no air pollution or carbon emissions. By getting more people and goods onto bikes, electric bicycles are transforming how we get around in a sustainable, healthy way.

If cars were not popular in developed countries, perhaps this electric bicycle would have appeared long ago. The developed countries, which are good at inventing, didn’t need this thing, so it came late to the world. This is a great invention for the developed countries, but it is a great invention for the developing countries. It is a great invention for the developing countries. It can make the developing countries move from the era of human bicycle to the era of electric bicycle, and it is a great invention for the poor.
The electric bicycle is indeed a boon for everyone, for farmers or city dwellers. E-bikes are several times more expensive than human-powered bikes, and for the average person nowadays, buying an e-bike is something within their reach, an important step in changing their quality of life and helpful in improving their level of happiness.
electric bicycle 
The electric city bike has the potential to contribute as much as a human powered bicycle to g country in the next 20 years. The human-powered bicycle invented by Westerners is too important to the Chinese. It has been the most important means of transportation for the average Chinese person for the past 30 years. Within those 30 years, the human-powered bicycle was very significant in changing the Chinese people’s concept of distance, especially in rural areas. In the rural plains, the relative shortening of distances between villages by the rickshaw has made it easy for many women to return to their mothers’ homes, prompting them on average to do so more often. The relative shortening of distances increased people’s interaction with each other and increased the range of people’s interaction. For the rural plains, the bicycle is the greatest means of transportation, and has changed the countryside to a greater extent. The bicycle has helped a lot in promoting the cheap running of Chinese society within the last 30 years. The bicycle has been no less significant to the Chinese in the last 30 years than the car has been to the population of the developed world. The electric bicycle has given human-powered bicycles wings to take off and is a replacement for the bicycle that will further shorten the distance between friends and family and promote social harmony.

The main reasons for the rapid popularity of electric bicycles are the following four points: they save energy compared to bicycles, save time compared to buses, save money compared to cars, and are safer than motorcycles, which is the summary content of a certain netizen. I appreciate the safety of e-bikes the most. What makes an e-bike safe is that it runs slowly, which is one of its relative disadvantages. I am more concerned about the advantages that result from this relative disadvantage, safety. If you look at it from a safety point of view, you should limit the potential for high speed e-bikes in the future, e-bikes should not be moving to high speeds. Electric bikes instead of motorcycles would also mean a lot less deaths.
The government should also see that electric bikes are more environmentally friendly than fuel cars, and based on that alone, the government should promote the popularity of electric bikes.
Part of the energy used to generate electricity is clean energy, such as wind and solar. Another part is thermal power, which can also pollute the environment. Although thermal power generation can also pollute the environment, it is not the same level of pollution hazard as cars. Thermal power plants are generally far away from residential areas and are located in relatively sparsely populated areas. When the same pollutants are emitted, fewer people are generally harmed, and the total harm is relatively less.
Some people say that the batteries of electric bicycles contain lead and other pollutants, which is true. The lead in these storage batteries is not a hazard to everyone at all times, because it can be centrally disposed of so that the possible level of contamination is reduced to a very low level. This is different from the usual small ordinary batteries, which nobody recycles, probably because they are so small that it is inconvenient to recycle them. These small batteries are often casually discarded and really harm the environment. The electric bicycle’s storage battery is larger and has recycling value, and the manufacturer does recycle. According to the manufacturer, to buy his new storage battery, you need the original broken storage battery to exchange, and then make up some money to pay for it. The manufacturer’s purpose is to recycle their own broken storage battery. Why manufacturers want to recycle their own broken storage batteries, there may be two reasons, one, to maintain a good social and environmental reputation. Second, these storage batteries have recycling value.
electric cargo bike
The rapid popularity of electric cargo bike is really due to their low price, which is generally half the price of motorcycles, and their running costs are cheaper than motorcycles, making them a means of transportation for the average person.
E-bikes also have the advantage of saving expensive oil, which is valuable for countries that need to import a lot of oil.
There are tens of millions of e-bikes in China now, and they could reach hundreds of millions in the future. If you calculate 100 million ebike electric bike, the average distance each car runs per day is converted to the same distance as a motorcycle. This means that the country could import tens of millions of tons of oil less each year, which would help promote national energy security.
The electric bicycle is still a good precursor, and perhaps the era of electric cars will follow. Our country’s transportation may be such an evolutionary step, bicycle era, other electric bike era, electric car era.

The export of electric bicycles is also increasing significantly, and more and more foreign sellers are purchasing electric bicycles from China, which of course cannot be separated from the title of manufacturing power, and it is the original intention of all manufacturers to bring better electric bicycles to the world.

Now the courier freight tricycle is a tawdry operation that can carry goods and also people, then the future may also appear freight bicycle, which is a more popular trend in various countries, the elderly transport children convenient and safe.

shuangye is currently the first choice for electric bikes in many countries. Different lightweight styles, different road conditions and different models to choose from

As we can see, the road lanes are currently divided into non-motorized lanes and motorized lanes, so there may be new e-bike lanes for different purposes in the future as well

Whether e-bikes are intelligent or more advanced in the future, they must be inseparable from the concept of a healthy and environmentally friendly commute!

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