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The advantages of electric bicycle riding

The advantages of electric bicycle riding
Riding an electric bicycle, like an folding electric bicycles, has many benefits for individuals and the environment. With a rechargeable battery and electric motor to help power the wheels, electric bikes expand cycling to more people, more places, and more purposes. Riders can travel longer distances and climb hills easier without exhausting themselves. Electric bikes also facilitate cycling for errands, commuting or recreation for those who prefer not to arrive sweaty. For commuters, folding electric bikes can be folded to take onto buses, trains or stowed in vehicles.
By making cycling accessible and appealing to more people, electric bicycle riding helps decrease traffic and emissions in cities and encourages active lifestyles. For environmentally and health-conscious individuals, electric bikes are a perfect sustainable mode of transport. Electric bikes empower us all with the joys of cycling and mobility with less effort.

Cycling as a green and healthy way of exercise, its benefits are many and many, not only low carbon and environmental protection, but also can be a good exercise our body, to help improve cardio-respiratory function, and riding when viewing the beautiful scenery along the way, but also let the tired body to get a whole body and mind relaxation.

Folded light weight, the elderly and children can easily pick up and use, fold-able; folded small size, can be placed anywhere, easy to carry, have a car family trunk good helper.

Folding bicycle is a classification belonging to the bicycle. A folding bicycle generally has a folding joint for the frame and a folding joint for the riser. By folding the frame, the front and rear wheels are folded together, reducing the length by about 45%. The whole bike can be put into the boarding box and folding bag after folding, as well as the trunk of the car. In the use of the folding process also does not require the use of external tools, can be manually folded by themselves to unfold the car, folded by themselves. After folding, the seat post is used as a support point so that the folded bike can stand stable. Folding bicycle is convenient and comfortable to carry and use.
electric bicycle riding
But at the same time, ordinary bicycle riding also has its undeniable disadvantages. First of all, the incorrect riding posture and long time riding riding can easily cause physical damage. Cycling is recognized as a sport that can exercise the whole body, cycling requires the use of the lower limbs for pedaling action, which basically uses most of the muscles and skeletal joints of the lower limbs, although compared to running and other sports, cycling the entire body’s center of gravity in the cushion, reducing most of the weight, but long time cycling, maintaining the same cycling posture, will give the waist to increase the burden, may lead to lumbar muscle strain, the knees also have damage. In addition, prolonged pressure on the upper limbs during cycling reduces blood circulation and can easily lead to numbness in both hands and soreness and weakness.

Among the many categories of road bikes, electric mountain bikes, touring bikes and folding bikes, only folding bikes can do “people in the car”, such as the volume after folding, generally not larger than a normal 24-inch trolley luggage, (or even smaller, depending on the model of the car). It can be easily taken into elevators, restaurants, public transportation, etc. Provided, of course, that local norms and the feelings of others in the vicinity are observed. In such a situation, it is difficult to lose the car, too.
electric bicycle riding
Secondly, riding an electric bicycle is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and cyclists with poor physical fitness often feel overwhelmed. Some of the short and medium commuting distance riders choose to ride a bike to work, but after riding for a while they find that the bike ride is slow and they are always in a hurry to go to work. And often physical strength can not keep up, feel tired, and even affect the whole day of work state. So gradually give up cycling to work, only holidays have time to ride occasionally.

Furthermore, bicycle theft prevention has been a problem since ancient times. Even though there are several locks on the bicycle, you are always worried about it being stolen, so you can’t wait to take it with you.
Folding Electric Bicycles
If there is an electric bikes, riding can save time and effort, but also does not affect the exercise, but also not afraid to lose good. In fact, electric-assisted bicycles can easily meet these conditions. Riding an electric-assisted bicycle is as easy to grasp and easy to maneuver as riding a regular bicycle. The addition of electricity gives more options for riding, using the full human pedaling mode when you are physically active, and using the power-assist mode when exercising, which scientifically provides auxiliary force to reduce the exercise load and avoid joint and muscle damage. If you encounter physical incompetence, you can also turn on the pure electric mode and switch to electric bike mode to save time and effort more easily. t Meanwhile the folding electric bike is very convenient to carry, after the end of the ride can be folded and carried to the company, do not worry about being stolen.
That is, you can easily realize the upgrade of ordinary bicycle to electric-assisted bicycle. After the conversion, your bike will have three driving modes: human, electric and power-assisted, and you can switch freely according to your own riding conditions during daily rides

The product design is novel, fashionable and with high technical content. The product can be folded and stored, light weight, easy to carry. It is a walking tool for office and entertainment places, with human power. Can also be used to control the electric switch, pedal and electric control better combined together, that is, can walk and fitness. Greatly reduced the size of the product, and can be folded. It is easy to store, easy to use and easy to be accepted by people. Aesthetic shape, bold design. It will be a scenery line in public entertainment places.
Folding Electric Bicycles 
Shuangye electric bicycle is not only easy to install, and the product is cost-effective, using 250w.350w.500w.750w high-speed breathless motor, sufficient power, small size, smooth operation, even without power riding without magnetic resistance. Beautiful and elegant appearance, easy to charge. Automotive-grade power lithium battery, through the wireless row of BMS protection system to ensure battery safety, stability and waterproof, beautiful structure, integrated. Can realize automatic power-assist function. Adopt high quality charger, high conversion efficiency, anti-current back-flow, high safety.

shuangye folding electric bike, very convenient, the battery is hidden in the frame, the appearance is great. Also there are many accessories that can be upgraded. High-end accessories such as transmission, shock absorption equipment, rear motor, will make you feel very comfortable and make riding no longer a burden. It brings more relaxation and happiness and makes the tedious life easier and more convenient.

If you are looking for a new way of commuting or want a healthier lifestyle, we are here to help you. Visit our website to learn more about electric bikes and electric scooter or please leave information to us.


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