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The correct riding posture can make you ride longer

The correct riding posture can make you ride longer

riding posture

Cycling is a powerful thing, it can make people away from the hustle and bustle of the city, fitness is environmentally friendly, exciting and quiet. Cycling can also enhance cardiopulmonary function, prevent high blood pressure and hardening of the blood vessels, and is one of the best exercises to overcome heart function problems. Although there are many benefits to riding, if you want to really improve your physical fitness through riding, you also need the correct riding posture. Whether you are a veteran or a novice, come and take a look. Is your riding posture correct?
Common misunderstandings, here are some common misunderstandings that will attract everyone’s attention.

1. The seat cushion is used to “lean”, not to “sit”

riding posture

This statement is too absolute. To be precise, when the waist angle is low, the legs bear most of the body’s weight, and shock shocks are cushioned, we are floating on the seat cushion, which is what most people call “rely”. Some car clubs advise novices to lower the handlebars and raise the seat cushions, and recommend the use of narrow and hard “professional seat cushions”, which they think are so professional. With this posture and seat cushion, when the leg strength is insufficient, most of the body’s weight is borne by the buttocks, and the perineum bears a larger weight at this time, which is not good for the body. Most riders ride for a long time on outings. Even if they are not novices, few people have strong legs that can bear most of the body weight by their legs.
In most cases, the weight of the body is mainly borne by the seat cushion, and we are more “sitting” on the seat cushion rather than “leaning against”. Therefore, when choosing a seat cushion, we should not pursue the so-called “professional” one-sidedly.

2. To avoid compressing the perineum, tilt the seat cushion forward.

riding posture

When the seat cushion is tilted forward, the sitting bones will slide down, and the sitting posture will be unstable. At this time, you need to push your body back hard, like squeezing your body in the middle of the frame. Long-term riding like this will cause damage to your opponents and shoulders. This sitting position reduces the contact surface between the sitting bones and the seat cushion, and increases the pressure, which is more likely to cause butt pain. In addition, once the center of gravity needs to be changed, when going downhill, the seat bones slide down, the body is forward, and the hands are propped back, which will inhibit the movement of hip rotation, which is not conducive to manipulation, and affects the pedaling of the legs.
The seat cushion is leaning forward, the contact angle between the buttocks and the seat cushion is not much different, and the reduction of perineum pressure is limited, but at the cost of handling, hands, shoulders, and waist fatigue.
The correct way is to level the seat cushion first, and then according to your riding feeling, slightly lean forward or backward to find the angle of the seat cushion that suits you. Generally speaking, the angle of forward or backward should not exceed 5 degrees. I am generally used to leaning back a little bit, and I know many senior riders in the same way. The correct riding method and suitable seat cushion, the angle will not produce too much pressure on the perineum later.

3. Expensive cushions are better.

riding posture

The classification of bicycle products is very clear, and the functional characteristics of different seat cushions are different. Some are more suitable for travel, some are more suitable for sports, and some are more suitable for mountains and so on. Generally speaking, the most expensive seat cushions are used for competitions. In addition to considering comfort, more consideration must be given to the impact on performance: lightweight, harder surface, size and shape suitable for riding postures with a small waist angle.
Most riders are riding leisure, requiring a moderate size, moderate hardness, and ergonomic considerations that are healthier and more comfortable. The posture and intensity of leisure sports riding, and the use of a competitive seat cushion is not suitable. Expensive products cost high, but this high cost may not be useful to you.

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