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Throttle Mode VS Pedal Assist Mode

Throttle Mode VS Pedal Assist Mode

All e-bikes are classified as two power assist mode, one is pedal-assist mode, meaning the power only start when you pedal, another is throttle mode, just push of a button or twist handlebar helps propel bike forward, whether or not you are pedaling, it is a similar a motorcycle. A few e-bikes feature a combination of pedal-assist and throotle, shuangye electric bike is one of brands combine two power assist. Next, we talk about these two power assist.

throttle vs pedal assist

Most of time, PAS is used to in e-bikes terminology, which is Pedal Asist System abbreviation. Pedal assist is a mode that provides power only when you are pedaling. Usually, PAS is general term for devices that power the motor automatically when you pedal without need to press a throttle. They can do this in response to the speed that you are spinning the cranks, the torque that you are applying to the pedals, or some combination of those. If you are used to riding a traditional bike, the pedal assist mode has a more intuitive feel compared to the throttle mode.

throttle vs pedal assist

The amount of pedal assist level is controlled on most e-bikes with a button switch near on the left of handgrips, you often according to LCD/LED display pedal-assist level on the handlebar to adjust. Most e-bikes companies will starting on a lower setting, as the initial thrust on a high setting can be hard controlling. Pedal Assist on Shuangye Electric Bikes have 5 different levels.

throttle vs pedal assist

There are another pedal assist system that torque sensor. It needs to measure the force that the rider is applying to the pedals. Typically these take the form of an entire replacement bottom bracket which has internal force sensing built into it. But other systems measure the force on the chain, the rear dropout, the rear axle, cogs, or pedals. To be precise most of these sensors aren’t directly measuring torque itself although they all fall under the umbrella name “torque sensor”. Sometimes torque sensor e-bikes riding experience is better than mid-drive motor e-bikes while climbing.

throttle vs pedal assist

A throttle on the bike is similar to how a motorcycle operates. Thumb throttle and twist grip throttle are commom on e-bikes. When the throttle is engaged the motor provides power and propels you and the bike forward, no other action is required to accelerate or continue forward movement. Having a throttle equipped on your Shuangye Electric Bike allows you to pedal without using the throttle, to use the throttle while pedaling, or just use the throttle without pedaling. Choose one of your favorite and comfortable riding modes by yourself.

throttle vs pedal assist

There are some reasons why some people will choose pedal-assist e-bikes and some would choose throttle e-bikes. Because in many countries, throttle e-bikes are classified differently and thus regulated differently than pedal-assist models. For instance, they aren’t allowed on multi-use paths like pedal-assist bikes typically are. In some places, an e-bike prohibit to use throttle. So which power assist mode is suitable for you, you need to know the local legal about e-bike first, then to choose it. But most e-bike would both adopt pedal assist and throttle.

If you are intersted in pedal-assist or throttle electric bike and want to know more information, please contact us below. More electric bikes, visit our Official Website!


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