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Upgrade750W/1000Wfattireelectricbike -Shuangyeebike


Upgrade 750W/1000W fat tire electric bike 

Upgrade 750W/1000W fat tire electric bike

Most of people like to cycle high power fat tire electric bike, and enjoy exciting and carzy speed riding on the way. That feeling bring you a different riding experience than city electric bike. I think people who like to choose high power fat tire electric bike, maybe because of fat tire or the riding terrain. Maybe this is not a good choice for commuting sometime, but it might one of best option for off road or countryside ride. This post will show you this upgrade fat tire electric bike and point which is different with before.

750W/1000W hub motor

The power of motor must be one of the highlight of this fat tire electric bike. The common electric bike’s motor is 350W or 500W, but this bike use 48V 750W even 1000W motor, this rear brushless hub motor easily gives a boost up to 35km/h to 45km/h max speed. And its rated torque is more than 23N.m, max troque is more than 50N.m.  High power motor make you not fear getting too hot and sweaty for each cycling, you can ride with your friends as much as you like. It can meet your speed needs of off road, riding on the countryside road or daily riding.

48V lithium-in battery

High power motor always need high capacity battery to support it work. 48V lithium-ion battery not only meet the motor work, but also adapt you long-distance riding requirement. Fast charging and easy to remove both are its big light.  Just need 5-7 hours to finish charge when it ran out of power. It will be as a super supply power for this fat tire electric bike to keep the bike can travel up to 40-80 km after each full charging. Cyclists also can take out the battery into house to charge or lock it in the frame to prevent be steal, because of remove and lock function.

LCD3 digital display

As more as other electric bike, this fat tire elelctric biek also equipped with big screen LCD display. It not only can show you the real time information when cycling, but also maximize your view comfort to catch the information what you want. Each cyclist can catch information for distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, real-time pedal assist level  and error sign. Through three buttons on the left of handlebar is easily to control the display to adjust the pedal assist level, combine throttle and PAS is a nice riding mode.

Other bike components

This upgrade fat tire electric biek insist use 6061 aluminum alloy meterial. Making the frame of bike more light, corrosion resistance and durability to extend the longevity of bike. It also was equipped with a lock and unlock suspension aluminum alloy front fork which has 100mm travel change. In order to provides users enough braking force to respond to various terrain situations and protect your safety while you biking, 160 mechanical disc brake system help you adjust the speed and stop the bike immediately. A bright 3W front light with USB charging port, one make ensure your night riding view, another is charge your phone in emergency.

If you are interested in this 750W/1000W fat tire electric bike and want to know more information, please contact us below. More electric bikes, visit our Official Website!


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