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What does T6 in the aluminum alloy frame material mean?

What does T6 in the aluminum alloy frame material mean?

T6 is a heat treatment process of wrought aluminum alloy (different from cast aluminum alloy). It is a process of “solution treatment (for steel, this process is called “quenching”, which everyone should be familiar with) + artificial aging”. The main factors are It is the solution temperature, quenching rate (determined by the quenching medium), aging temperature, holding time, and the number of aging stages (one-stage aging or multi-stage aging).

And T6 processing is also a key process in the ebike frame production. ebike factory with good technology and cost-effective will carry out frame correction before T4, post-correction at T4, and then at T6, the temperature and time control during processing is accurate, then the processed The ebike frame will have considerable strength and toughness, and it is not easy to cause problems after use.

In addition, the lighter the frame, the t processing technology must pass the barrier, otherwise a slight stress may cause a break in that part. This is why some factories are capable of making ultra-light frames, while others The reason why the factory can’t do it is not that the db tube that has been drawn cannot be purchased, but that the failure of the processing technology will lead to batches of defective products.

Features of T6 heat treatment furnace:
1. The single guide ring rolling-bottom transportation method is simple and reliable, easy to maintain, and completely relieves the influence of thermal expansion. It takes less than 15 seconds for the workpiece to be completely immersed in water from the solution furnace to ensure the quality of the product;
2. The hot air circulation method is adopted to improve the heat transfer efficiency and the uniformity of the furnace gas temperature, and the accuracy of the temperature difference of the workpiece in the furnace can be controlled within ±5℃;
3. Using PID-OFF control method, the temperature rises evenly, and the energy saving effect is good;
4. The furnace body adopts a sandwich structure, with insulation fibers lined in the middle, and aluminum foil is sandwiched between the fiber layers. Thereby greatly improving the air tightness of the furnace body and reducing the heat loss;
5. Make full use of the waste heat of exhaust fumes and introduce the exhaust fumes of the solution furnace into the aging furnace, which can greatly save energy in the aging furnace;
6. It can handle aluminum alloy parts such as wheels, pistons, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, pump bodies, and has the function of sand removal;
7. There are more than 100 furnaces worldwide.
T5: Artificial aging (no solution treatment)
T6: Artificial aging after solution treatment
T7: Stabilization treatment after solution treatment
T8: Melting, hardening, artificial aging
Mechanical properties of 6061 alloy
Heat treatment Elongation strength Endurance Elongation Shear strength Brinell hardness Fatigue strength
    (MPa) (MPa) (%) (MPa) (MPa)
T5 190 148  12  119 60 67
T6 246 218 12 155 73 67
T83 260 246 11 155 82

T6 is a heat treatment process, in order to produce a quenched layer on the metal surface to achieve higher hardness. A T6 heat treatment takes more than twenty hours.

As shown:electric bike hidden battery 6061 T6 alloy frame A5AH26



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