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7 normal physiological responses to cycling

7 normal physiological responses to cycling

There is no doubt about the benefits of cycling, but it seems that you will encounter some strange symptoms during cycling, which may be mistaken for bad problems, but relax, don’t worry, these are normal physiological reactions that exercise, so you don’t need to be vigilant! Most of these symptoms indicate that the body is working normally, while others are temporary problems that are easy to solve.

physiological responses

1 Cough response caused by riding

When riding too hard, it may cause coughing. The symptoms are similar to asthma, but it can happen to anyone. It is called “exercise-induced bronchoconstriction”; it often occurs in exercises that are more difficult than one’s own ability. Caused by muscle spasms in the lungs. Some people are more prone to this problem due to genetic factors; it is more likely to occur in cold or dry environments, because the trachea needs to work harder to humidify the air entering the lungs, which causes the bronchi to contract and cause coughing; keep the mouth, nose, and throat warm Can alleviate this situation.


 2 Metallic smell in the throat

After you sprint with all your strength, you may feel the smell of blood in your throat. This is a normal physiological response caused by the appearance of red blood cells. Because you try to break through your own threshold in the past, the red blood cells are pressed to the limit, and heme or iron will be released. This is why the throat or the smell of metal appears. If this phenomenon is temporary, there is no need to worry. If this phenomenon occurs for a long time, you still need to go to the hospital to consult a doctor.

physiological responses

 3 runny nose

Do you have a runny nose? Whenever you ride a bike, your nose keeps running, which is not interesting at all. Sports rhinitis is a common trouble for riders, especially when the temperature is low, the air is dry, and pollen and other allergens are dense, the nasal cavity will produce a large amount of mucus, purify it, and cause the normal physiological reaction of a runny nose. In addition, air pollution, including nitrogen dioxide in automobile exhaust, is one of the major factors that cause sports rhinitis. If a runny nose bothers you, you can consult a doctor to use certain sprays for treatment.

4 Suddenly want to go to the toilet

Sudden and urgent defecation is more common for runners, because running will cause the internal organs of the body to be inconsistent in force, and cyclists are not immune to this. Especially during long-distance riding, we eat a lot of sugary food to provide energy. A lot of blood flows through the intestine to manage the digestive system. You can alleviate this situation by adjusting your eating habits during cycling, eating more energy-intensive foods such as bananas, and drinking coffee will also help.

physiological responses

5 Fingers have a tingling sensation

Your hands play an important role in controlling the bicycle. Therefore, when the fingers are tingling or numb, it is easy to cause anxiety. There are two very important nerves hidden near the skin under the wrist. Maintaining a single posture for too long during riding will put too much pressure on them, causing tingling and numbness in the fingers, especially the little finger and ring finger. Wearing riding gloves can alleviate this problem. In addition, you should move your fingers within the allowable range and relieve pressure.

6 Itchy skin

When you ride a bike, the skin on your thighs starts to itch. Sometimes, this is caused by the natural reaction of dry skin or warm-up process, capillaries and arteries expand nearby and stimulate nerves. But for some people, it may be an allergic reaction, called “exercise-induced urticaria”, the symptoms will be itching and red rashes, and in extreme cases even breathing difficulties. If you experience severe symptoms, you can consult your doctor for medication, but it may cause side effects such as fatigue, weakness, and abnormal heart rate. If it is just a common itching symptom, it can be solved by keeping the skin moisturized.

7 Trance

You successfully completed a arduous long-distance ride, and then… don’t remember where the car parked? Don’t remember what the car looks like? Don’t even remember if you got the first place? After a long and arduous physical activity, it is normal to become confused and unable to think, because exercise consumes all glycogen in the body, which is the only nourishment for the brain. Therefore, you need to add food and beverages in time to restore the normal state of the brain

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